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Since starting Medterra, we've developed and grown relationships with industry members all over the globe. One in which we hold near to our heart is our retailer, based out of the UK. Founders Johan and Clemens are at the forefront of the CBD space in Europe and know exactly how to push the boundaries through innovation and education. Dedicated to changing the perception of CBD in the UK, they planned what was soon to be known as the Pop-Up Shop. In past conversations, Johan and Clemens had explained that the CBD buying experience in the UK lacked a certain appeal. Hearing this and given the opportunity to be a part of something to change that, Medterra account director Laura Bucko hopped on a plane to check it out for herself. As she walked Kings Road in Chelsea, London, admiring all of the beautiful shops, she saw exactly what they had described. All of the products were in flimsy packaging, came with hefty price tags and provided an unengaging purchasing experience.

Thus, the Pop-Up Shop was born! Open January 19 through February 2 at 341 Kings Rd., the 2-week pop-up was designed to give curious foot traffic the opportunity to stop in for a full CBD experience. Housed in a clean, airy, well-lit studio, shoppers were presented with a premium selection of CBD products laid out in an apothecary style setting. There they could ask brand representatives questions, try samples, familiarize themselves with the brands and purchase product. Eager to educate both employees and shoppers on Medterra products, Laura stayed for a week introducing Medterra and networking. In addition to the pop-up shopping experience, there were also a number of interactive affairs. hosted a launch champagne cocktail hour, yoga classes, CBD-infused espresso mornings, and an influencer/press meet up. Throughout the course of the shop, thousands of people came through, all intrigued by the wide array of CBD brands and events to participate in. On top of coming out to support our friends at, this event was extremely good exposure for Medterra. It was the perfect way to see just how curious this market is and how excited people were to see, test and taste Medterra products. Don't want to miss the next one? Follow @medterracbd and on Instagram for information on what's to come next! Pop-Up
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