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5 Methods to Help Your Flight-Anxiety

5 Methods to Help Your Flight-Anxiety?

Vacations are supposed to be escapes from stress and anxiety. A getaway from your day to day obligations where you can just kick back and relax. But no matter how much you’ve planned for it, traveling always seems to be a very stressful event. Between packing, getting everything in order, and making sure you arrive at the airport on time, your anxiety levels are typically through the roof. But for some, the most nerve-racking part of travel is the flight itself.

According to estimates, 25% of Americans have some fear of flying. This can cause massive amounts of stress and anxiety leading up to and during flights. Some affected by this fear have reported panic attacks, shortness of breath, sweating, and vomiting.

Below are five methods shown to reduce your flight-anxiety and help you to be at ease while airborne:

  1.         Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

While a morning cup of joe may make your morning easier, overdoing it on caffeine can actually increase anxiety. Some people have a low tolerance to caffeine, which can make them jittery and nervous. Watch your caffeine intake before flights to make sure you’re as calm as can be.

  1.         Distract Yourself

Find a good podcast or an album you haven’t listened to yet. Download a movie onto your tablet you’ve never seen before. Read that book that’s just been sitting on the shelf. These are effective methods for keeping you distracted while flying. When your mind is not thinking about your fears, you’ll be more calm and collected. Keep busy while on the plane to keep your nerves in check.

  1.         Play Close Attention to the Airline Safety Information

Take comfort in the fact that you are prepared. You know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. Buying into this fact will only make you more confident and reduce your anxiety. Read the safety card, follow along with the staff presentation, watch the video closely. The more prepared you feel, the more at ease you’ll be.

  1.         Use Relaxation Breathing Methods

Take a deep breath. As deep as you can. Slowly release the air in your lungs while calming the muscles in your entire body. Focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Pretend as if you are blowing out your anxiety. Your worries escape you with each exhale. Repeat this process during take-off and landing.

  1.         Dress Comfortably

Think about it, when you’re most comfortable at home, you’re worry-free. Wearing comfortable clothes on the plane can give you a sense of relaxation. Try not to wear anything that restricts your movement or traps in lots of heat. Wear loose-fitting clothing and a comfortable pair of shoes to keep you cozy throughout the flight.




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