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7 Ways To Increase Your Appetite

Having a weak appetite puts you at risk for adverse health effects and might mean you struggle to gain or keep on weight. Gaining back your hunger is tough, but not impossible. We’ve got six helpful hints to get you there.

Try to eat breakfast

When they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they’re not lying. A good, healthy breakfast helps get your metabolism going, helping promote hunger for the rest of the day.

Eat smaller meals, more often

Staring at a pound of food in front of you can be a real turn off. Instead of going the traditional route of eating three meals a day, try eating five or six small meals. It’s a lot easier to comprehend a handful of almonds and an apple, than a plate of lasagna. Continuing these habits will promote a healthy appetite over time.

Eat less fiber

Fiber is a healthy and important part of any diet, so tread lightly. But fibrous foods are very filling and if you want to increase your appetite, it’s best to eat fiber in moderation.

Eat your favorites

We’re not giving you the ok to scarf down burgers and pizza for every meal, but it’s a good idea to stock the fridge with things you love to eat. It’s less daunting to eat when you know you will absolutely love the food you’re cooking.

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Avoid smelly foods

Unless you love them, of course. Usually, however, one should avoid very pungent cheeses or certain kinds of fish, as strong odors such as those can be off putting and convince you that maybe you don’t have to eat after all.

Use spices you love

On the other hand, great smells are sure to get you hungry. Take advantage of fragrant spices and appealing seasonings. They will add interest to your dishes and, in turn, get you interested in eating them.



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