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Survey Says CBD Users Stop Medicine

The largest survey on cannabidiol (CBD) usage discovered that once people started using CBD products, they were likely to stop using their traditional medication.



Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound. It contains zero THC so users won’t ever report the feeling of being “high.” Instead, it is known to help with general wellness. Despite the popular thought that men are the most common consumers of cannabis products, this survey discovered that 55% of CBD users were actually female.



According to the survey, the most common ailments that people were using CBD to treat were, depression, joint pain, anxiety and insomnia. Forty-two percent of the CBD users surveyed said they had stopped using their traditional over-the-counter medicines such as Advil or even prescription medications such as Hydrocodone. Eighty percent of the CBD users said that they found the products to be “very or extremely effective.”



Education is one of the areas that the CBD producers will have to work on. There are more than 850 brands of marijuana-derived CBD products on the market and 150 hemp-derived products, including Medterra. Eight percent of the consumers surveyed mentioned they didn’t know which version of CBD product they had ingested.



Officially, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) marks all CBD products as illegal. However, CBD produced from hemp is available in just about every state and even online. Marijuana-derived CBD tends to only be found in states with legal medicinal marijuana, for it contains THC.



Unfortunately, the complaint from the hemp-derived users was that it was less effective than the marijuana-derived CBD which explains why 90% said they would only buy marijuana-derived CBD. All users favored vaping for consumption followed by smoking traditional marijuana buds, with edibles being the third preference. Consumers reported that they spent between $20 and $80 a month on CBD products.





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