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Focused on Providing the Highest Quality CBD

 The Med99+ Label

The Cannabidiol industry is still in its infancy and at times can be confusing to navigate for consumers. Questions on purity and legality are often primary concerns for those seeking to purchase CBD for their various needs. The Medterra team is seeking to make this decision process much simpler with its Med99+ designation.

The Med99+ label signifies that our CBD has been 3rd-party tested to contain 99.5% or more CBD. Furthermore, we guarantee our CBD to free of any THC, heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminants. 

Straight from Kentucky

Unlike our competitors who source their CBD from outside of the US, Medterra's CBD comes from our farm in Kentucky. Therefore, we are able to maintain the same quality controls each and every harvest. With no middlemen, our customers also will enjoy industry best pricing. Our goal is to bring reliable CBD to each and every consumer in need. 



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