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Mother Advocates Medical Cannabis for Autism

Brandy Williams shared her moving story about how medical cannabis has turned her autistic son’s life around. She also joined the advocacy group Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA).

Desperate times

Logan, Williams’s son, was unfortunately diagnosed with severe autism a few years ago. He would self-harm by smashing his head against large, hard objects like doors or cabinets. Some doors in the house would have over 30 dents. He tore his clothes off and refused to put them back on. He wouldn’t wear shoes. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t eat. Williams actually had to keep Logan in diapers for just under six years. Local schools stated that they couldn’t cope with a child who had that many behavioral issues.

Brandy was beyond desperate. She was forced to try the only treatment left – medical cannabis. Unfortunately, autism isn’t a qualifying condition, so to get access for Logan, she had to cite his seizure disorder as the reason.

Cannabis stops the symptoms

Logan took strong antipsychotics, but cannabis truly turned his life around. He now attends a public school. His teacher mentioned that he’s the most well-behaved child in his class. He is happy, healthy and has many friends.

Plants vs pharmaceuticals

Williams’s experience with cannabis has her saying that the plant is a "safe, holistic, natural solution that works better than pharmaceuticals."

However, there are doctors who would definitely argue the other side. One such doctor is Dr. Dale Guthrie, a pediatrician from Gilbert. He said he sympathizes for parents with special needs children, but he warned that using cannabis can be dangerous for young people.

Dr. Guthrie referred to research that shows that when teenagers use marijuana, they lose eight IQ points by the time they reach their twenties.

Medical cannabis saved her family

Despite doctors’ warnings, mothers across the country are going ahead with cannabis treatments for children. One mom said her daughter is blind with cerebral palsy because of a premature birth. She couldn’t eat or drink. This little girl is now on non-psychoactive CBD oil, and her doctors are amazed by the progress she’s made. She’s in school and can now eat and drink and play with her sister.

Autism on the Rise

With autism on the rise around the world, parents are desperate for a way to help their children live better lives. Some say that cannabis, especially CBD, is a great solution.



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