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CBD for Dogs: Princess Goldie's Story

At Medterra, we strive to bring the highest quality CBD to each and every patient. However, we are also animal lovers and want to help our furry friends. Please read how CBD isolate has helped Princess Goldie's life.

This is Princess Goldie's Story.

She loves car rides to her swimming hole and other fun places. She started slowing down with her arthritis though. It became painful for her to even get up each morning. When we went to the vet at the end of October, Goldie also had a cancerous looking wound on her lip. She also started showing signs of muscle deterioration in her head. This makes her head "cave in" and her one eye has rolled back. The vet said she most likely has a cancerous cyst in a vein in her head. At her age, there is nothing that can be done to "fix her".We tried antibiotics, pain killers, and other "bandaid fixes" for her various issues. I was losing my baby and I felt so hopeless. She was not able to enjoy life as much anymore.  

So a friend sent me a video on natural remedies for cancer in dogs. CBD was one item mentioned. This stuff grabbed my attention because it also helps arthritis, inflammation, and a billion other things. So, I Googled CBD and found a company that sells only the pure stuff. Medterra's customer service answered all of my questions and explained what CBD is. I ordered it that night and received it about 3 days later. So beginning of November was when Goldie started taking CBD isolate. We use a super tiny "micro scoop" of the powder in her food once a day, sometimes twice a day. One month later and my dog is already walking around without as much pain. She goes to the lake again to splash around and plays with friends on the ball field. The wound on her lip that was there several months is completely gone now. We stopped all medications. She is only on CBD now and is doing great! The muscle damage in her head is not reversible, but we are hoping the CBD is controlling the cancer. This powder has extended my dog's life. I ordered 5g of the isolate. With only using a micro scoop each day, this will last a few months.

I hope Goldie's story helps someone else to give CBD isolate a try. (The isolate is the strongest form of CBD...and is what I plan to keep my Golden Princess on).
- Jeanette, Princess Goldie's mom


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