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CBD Oil Attracts Big Investments

Since early 2016, cannabis companies have raised almost $2 billion from investors, despite an uncertain legal future complicated by the current anti-legalization position in Congress and the Department of Justice in Washington, as well as the DEA.

CBD investment has seen a surge in consumer interest in recent years. Marijuana firms received around $734 million in investment dollars between Jan and April, a major increase from the year prior. Investors seem to believe that the idea of huge potential for growth in legal cannabis related industries, outweighs the risk of adverse legislation, shutting marijuana down once more.

Beyond just the significant direct venture capital investment into the cannabis market, there are a number of publicly traded cannabis or CBD pure oil and hemp oil companies trading in the United States and in Canada right now. Many are low-priced, speculative penny stocks. Even in the mini-niche of cannabis related domain names, there's been plenty of investment activity as investors hope to cash in.

One particular high-growth segment in the emerging cannabis related industry is in CBD oil. Cannabidiol, or CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid contained in cannabis and hemp plants, and is being researched for a number of potential health benefits. CBD does not produce the high one expects from marijuana and is extracted mostly from industrial hemp. Even still, consumer interest in the substance is significant and CBD sales are growing. We found that there’s a steady stream of new CBD products on a regular basis from CBD for pets to concentrated tinctures for people.

Medterra CBD invest

Namely, a company named Medterra features innovative, new CBD products like vaporizers and gel capsules, plus tinctures and near pure CBD crystalline. Based in Kentucky, Medterra grows hemp and produces their line of products locally. They ship CBD oil very quickly, since international customs aren’t a worry. They just might be the next company to feel the boost of local investor money.



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