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Growing Promise: Future of CBD Oil

Click here to view the full documentary.

NBC Growing Promise

Last night, NBC news broadcasted a documentary from the ongoing series Growing Promise, a series that takes a look at the future of marijuana in the United States, including interviews with patients, their families, leading scientists, doctors, federal legislators and a former NFL player. Below is an excerpt from the documentary which can be viewed here

Yesterday’s episode featured the use of CBD oil that has shown great promise in helping reduce seizures and epilepsy in many children. Parents like Lisa Smith were becoming desperate for options where traditional medicine simply could not provide an answer.

Giving CBD Oil

Her daughter, Haley has dravet syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy. Desperately combing the internet for options, Lisa tried using CBD oil for her daughter. “I put it in her feeding tube and just waited, to see if it would work. And it just stops. Her seizures stopped, and she didn’t have a side effect.” 

This led to many concerned parents lobbying the state legislature of Virginia to win the right to possess CBD oil for their children. 

After the case was presented in the first committee, the senator had saw the title of the case, merely putting it aside due to seeing the word “cannabis” rather than see the bill and who was presenting it. Putting it aside and stating, “I will not vote for this,” because it had cannabis in it.

Virginia Legislator

Legislators did not wish to be in conflict with the federal government and its declaration that marijuana was not only dangerous, but had no medicinal value. However, the legislators were at a disadvantage when sick children were present, and Haley had a seizure on committee. Three years ago since then, a law passed allowing them to use and possess the oils in their home state of Virginia. 

NBC's Growing Promise documentary showcases many heroic families and their stories about using CBD oil, in search for an alternative for their loved ones. Click here to view the full documentary.



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