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How to use CBD oil

One question we get often is, how do I use CBD oil? 

Let's start with the basics. 

A tincture is liquid extract made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth). A dropperful is the amount of liquid that fills the tube of the dropper when the bulb on the dropper top is squeezed and released. Using them is simple, and with our dropper marked with measurements by the ml, it will help with getting an accurate amount. 

Step 1
Twist the cap and squeeze the dropper to fill the pipette with your desired amount of oil and dispense it under your tongue. 

Step 2
Let the oil sit for 15-30 seconds under your tongue and then swallow.  Consuming it this way allows your body to absorb it faster for effectiveness. 

Step 3
Repeat as necessary throughout the day. 

Simple as 1-2-3! 


It's important to consult with your doctor if CBD will benefit you. Although there are online studies about potential CBD health benefits, it is encouraged to thoroughly research the ingredients used in tinctures, and how they were extracted. If you have any questions about Medterra's quality CBD, please feel free to reach out through our online support, email or call us at 1-800-971-1288.



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