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Kentucky Makes Hemp Feel Right at Home

Marijuana’s THC-free cousin is undergoing a rebirth all over the USA with a lot less controversy.

Hemp has transformed from a political cause to a legitimate crop that’s yielding jobs, dollars and tons of health benefits.

The crop’s reintroduction was delayed in the spring of 2014 when imported hemp seeds were detained by U.S. customs officials, but the seeds were released after federal drug officials approved a permit. That was the beginning of hemp’s homecoming so to speak.

Since then, test plots have shown the crop to be tough and fast-growing, especially in the fine Kentucky soil. Plants sprout to at least eight feet tall, turning a shade of green and yellow as they mature. Legal production of the crop had been dormant for so long that it was a virtual blank slate in modern Kentucky agriculture, but the excellent climate and near-perfect growing season have been confirmed by various research teams to yield the best hemp plants.

The intentions were much bigger in Colorado, and people tend to wonder why Medterra chose Kentucky instead of Colorado to do their business. Even though the Centennial State is closely linked with all things marijuana, the Bluegrass State wins in the quality of plants produced. Hemp plants were established so quickly that they literally shaded out the weeds. 

CBD Medterra Hemp Kentucky

Medterra quickly realized that Kentucky was the only logical choice for their farm. Crafting the best CBD supplements requires the highest-quality hemp plants. The growing season allows hemp to flourish in every way – from the quality of CBD to the amount of crops that will actually be harvest ready.

Medterra’s hemp is grown and extracted under the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Every CBD product is produced from organic, non-GMO hemp and each batch is guaranteed to be free of contaminants.



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