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Medterra Testimonial Tuesdays #2 - Amazing Product!

At Medterra, we strive to bring the highest quality CBD to each and every patient. Every Tuesday, we will share customers comments about their feedback and hope that you will share yours with us too!

"Thank you for such an amazing product! I ordered the 3000 mg tincture and as a Registered Nurse with autoimmune disorders like lupus (SLE), benign intracranial hypertension (PTC/BIH/IIH), Raynaud’s, neuropathy, and PTSD and radiculopathy (the list is longer), this one product has improved my quality of life! I stepped out on faith and literally used my last money to rush deliver it to me. Since then, I have had no seizures and transitioning off medications, no anxiety, no nausea and my appetite is greatly improved! My pain is miraculously better! My sweetest joy is that I am now able to return to the career that I love and do fun things with my children with no pain! Talking about this makes me cry tears of joy because taking narcotics is not an option for me at this juncture in my life. I cannot say enough good things about the product and the speedy service. Of course, I did tell close friends about MedTerra’s CBD tincture and how it differs from others that I have tried in the past. Again, thank you for an awesome product, helping to get my joy back! God bless you!"
-Summer, J.



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