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Tips to Fall Asleep Faster


Don’t Freak Out About Not Sleeping

The inability to sleep is extremely frustrating, people who dread going to bed and stare at their clocks until it's time to get up can start to develop fear, anxiety, and anger that they associate to trying to sleep.

Stimulus-control therapy seeks to help you break these associations so that you simply associate bed with sleep. Those who recommend this approach will suggest things like removing the clock from your bedroom and to not stay lying in bed when you can't sleep.

It also helps to try to think of the situation in a positive manner. Instead of constantly thinking about how bad your day is going to be due to lack of sleep, realize that you may be able to get better sleep the following night.

Practice Being Relaxed

When you're stressed about being not being able to sleep, your body produces stress hormones that actually make it harder to let go of that anxiety.

Teaching yourself to relax using a technique like meditation can help.

Change The Way You Think About Sleep

In many cases, people who are stressed about their insomnia tend to inflate the problem in their head, thinking that they've slept even less than they actually have. Replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones can reduce some of the distress of not sleeping

Creating an environment favorable to sleep, like a cool, dark, quiet room, can also help you sleep too.

Get Up Out of Bed

It’s a simple strategy — if you can't seem to fall asleep, don't just lie in bed and continue to try and fall asleep.

If you've been trying to sleep for over 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something else. Distract yourself with something relaxing, such as reading or stretching.

Some experts suggest that getting out of bed when you can't sleep helps break the cycle of connecting your bed with negative emotions. Plus, the lack of sleep this causes could make it easier to sleep the next day.

Don’t Try So Hard

As odd as it may sound, the trick to falling asleep might actually be trying to stay awake.

Insomniacs have been shown to actually fall asleep more quickly and sleep better by lying in bed, content with being awake and having no worries about falling asleep. Experts say this is because trying to stay awake removes the stress people feel while attempting to fall asleep.

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