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Wisconsin CBD Oil Legal Under Hemp Pilot Program

Last month, Wisconsin Department of Justice said the possession of CBD is illegal, rendering Wisconsin hemp farmers unable to legally extract and sell CBD oil from their plants. On April 27, 2018, the Wisconsin Department of Justice released an analysis to advise law enforcement.

"CBD oil and other CBD products, with or without THC, are illegal to possess or distribute within the State of Wisconsin except for patients with a doctor's certification in very limited circumstances."

However, the CBD ruling has just been reversed. Schimel's statement on May 10, 2018 is a reversal from a Justice Department memo last month that said only doctors and pharmacies can distribute the oil and people can possess it only with a doctor's certification.

The Department of Justice lawmakers authored a bill that farmers who follow the DATCP's rules and regulations may grow industrial hemp without fear of criminal prosecution, sell the entire industrial hemp plant or parts of the plant to anyone and process the plant as permitted, including producing CBD.

“We all have always had full confidence in the successful implementation of the industrial hemp program in Wisconsin,” Attorney General Brad Schimel said in the news release. “Industrial hemp has the promise of being an important part of our critical agricultural economy, and Wisconsin farmers who choose to participate in this pilot program deserve and need legislative and regulatory certainty from all parts of government.”

Industrial hemp has the potential to be a big part of the state's farm economy, according to Schimel, and he will advise police to allow hemp growers to produce CBD oil if the growers obtain a license from state agriculture officials.



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