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CBD Treats for Pets

With CBD becoming widely popular, many people are wondering if they can use CBD for their own pe...
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FIFA Players Can Use CBD

With the World Cup starting today, everyone is talking about soccer. Everyone is also talking abo...
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US Senate Approves Economics of Hemp

Did you know June 4th - June 10th is Hemp History Week? You can find out more about Deep Roots a...
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CBD Matcha Green Latte Recipe

CBD Infused Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe Sip back and relax with this simple and refreshing Dai...
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How to Use CBD Products

Have you heard of CBD? It’s a current health phenomenon for those who are seeking a more natural ...
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Former NFL Uses CBD oil For Pain

Christian Okoye, a former American football fullback for Kansas City Cheifs from 1987 to 1992 st...
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