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What exactly is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a complex chronic pain disorder that causes widespread pain and tenderness t...
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Applications Open for NY State Pilot Program

Farmers, businesses, universities and research groups should go apply to grow and process industr...
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8 Best Cardio Techniques

Slow-Walking on a Treadmill Not the most intense workout, but sometimes that’s ok. If you need to...
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According to Survey, Half of CBD Users Stop Other Medicine

The largest survey on cannabidiol (CBD) usage discovered that once people started using CBD produ...
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What is Dyskinesias, Really?

If a person has Dyskinesias, it means they experience abnormal, involuntary movements that occur ...
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Can Meditation Make You A Better Person?

Buddhism shows that meditation helps people live happier lives. Most serious meditators don’t fee...
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