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Chris Burkard

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Chris Burkard does it all, and his vast and loyal following shows he’s accomplished in everything he sets out to do. Though most well-known for his photography, he is also an influencer, health advocate, artist, author, hiker, biker, explorer, creative director, business owner, public speaker and family man. Chris incorporates Medterra into his daily routine to help with recovery after long rides and overall wellness.

Medterra Assists

As part of his commitment to ensuring consistency, all of Medterra’s CBD-based products are true seed-to-sale products. This means that they’re all grown, extracted, manufactured and distributed from right here in the U.S.A.

This dedication is also what has driven Hartenbach to utilize his platform within his company to continually give back. This is why Medterra has a commitment to give back to our disabled and our country’s military veterans through the Medterra Assists program.

The Medterra family strives to embody this very attitude so that high-quality, hemp-derived CBD is available, affordable and understood by all who may search for it.