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Lucas Glover

For those of us that are not on the PGA Tour, we know that golf is an extremely difficult sport to play. You high five your buddy as you tap in for birdie… moments later, you send one into the forest and white stakes greet your tee ball. Even though we love it dearly, it’s a cruel game. For the regular golfer, we simply dust ourselves off and head back to our normal lives. For golfers like Lucas Glover, golf is much more than a game, it is their livelihood. So when Glover lost his PGA Tour card in 2018, it’s hard to imagine how he must have felt.

Looking for a change in his game and approach to health & wellness, Lucas Glover partnered with CBD company Medterra. “Being fully committed to getting stronger in the gym has been the number one thing. My trainer, Kolby Wayne, and I have put in serious work, plain and simple. I have also partnered with Medterra because I believe in their CBD products. I have witnessed firsthand their effects not only mentally but physically. I believe the Medterra products help me recover from my workouts and help me maintain my focus during long weeks on tour.”

Medterra provides customers with the highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) products on the market, grown and extracted from industrial, non-gmo hemp in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. All of Medterra’s products go through extensive third party testing to ensure they contain zero THC and are void of any psychoactive ingredients. You can be confident that you are getting the same, high quality CBD products, every time. 

With a renewed focus on his game and health, Lucas Glover recorded 16 top 20 finishes over the course of the 2019 season and made his way into the Tour Championship at East Lake in Georgia.  It marked the first time since 2009, the year Glover won the U.S. Open, that he’s been in the 30 person Tour Championship field. “I felt some real satisfaction, not like winning, but, still, like I won a long battle,” said Glover.  

Medterra is excited to be a partner in Glover’s efforts towards continued success and wellness.  To become part of the Medterra team and start carrying Medterra products in your golf shop contact Kyle at 949.590.7191 or [email protected]