Can I Ship THC Products in the US Mail?

Can I Ship THC Products in the US Mail?

The farm bill may have made hemp-derived CBD and THC legal, but that doesn’t mean you can just ship THC in the mail with impunity. In fact, shipping the wrong type of THC through US mail can be a serious crime! 

Don’t worry too much, however. Shipping hemp/CBD products throughout the US is entirely legal. Keep reading to get the details on this sometimes-confusing legal situation. 

  • THC: is it legal...or not?
  • When you can’t ship THC in the mail
  • When you can ship THC in the mail
  • The easiest way to get THC shipped to you

THC: is it legal...or not?

2018’s Federal Farm Bill changed the face of the CBD industry. Since it was passed, CBD sales have truly skyrocketed, and today CBD oil is one of America’s favorite health and wellness products. [1]

But the farm bill legalized more than just CBD. It actually legalized almost every hemp-produced cannabinoid...except for ‘normal’ delta-9 THC. Here’s a pretty extensive list of what’s now legal: [2

  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBD
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBDa
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBG
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBGa
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBC
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBCa
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBN
  • Any amount of hemp-derived CBDv
  • Any amount of hemp-derived THCv
  • Any amount of hemp-derived delta-8 THC
  • Any amount of hemp-derived delta-10 THC
  • Trace amounts (0.3% or less) of hemp-derived delta-9 THC

When you can’t ship THC in the mail

Before we get into THC’s legality, there’s some nuance we should go over. The laws surrounding THC and cannabis are constantly changing. More and more states are legalizing high-THC cannabis with each passing year. What started with a select few pro-cannabis states — Colorado, California, Maine — has now blossomed into a much broader legalization movement. Other states have been banning cannabinoids that are technically legal, such as delta-8 THC. Texas just did this. 

These are just state laws, however. Federal law has been much more concrete. On the Federal level, delta-9 THC is completely illegal unless we’re talking about the trace amounts of delta-9 THC (0.3% or less) present in full spectrum CBD oil

In other words - shipping cannabis in the US mail is a serious crime with serious consequences. Cannabis remains a schedule 1 drug under federal law, which means that shipping cannabis-derived THC is a federal offense. How much of an offense? That depends on how much you ship: [3]

  • Shipping 1-49 cannabis plants: five-year prison sentence
  • Shipping less than 50kg of cannabis: five-year prison sentence
  • 10-year sentence for one’s second offense
  • Shipping 50-99 plants: ten-year prison sentence
  • Shipping 50-99kg of cannabis: ten-year prison sentence
  • Shipping 100-999 plants: up to forty-year prison sentence
  • Shipping 500-999kg of cannabis: up to forty-year prison sentence
  • Shipping 1000+ plants: up to a lifelong prison sentence
  • Shipping 1000+kg of cannabis: up to a lifelong prison sentence

Pretty serious, right? If investigators get a tip on this type of behavior — or even if a drug-sniffing K9 happens to intercept a package — then it’s almost inevitable that someone will be going to jail for a while. [4] It’s simply not worth the risk, especially when there are ways to ship certain amounts of THC legally! 

When you can ship THC in the mail

All those legal repercussions aside, it’s time for some good news: it’s totally legal to ship the hemp-derived THC that’s contained within CBD oil. You can legally buy, legally ship, and legally enjoy THC-containing CBD products in all 50 states! [5]

Shipping hemp-derived THC through USPS

If you’re hoping to send some of your CBD products to a friend, you can easily do so through the US Postal Service (USPS). As long as these products meet a few basic standards, they’re good to go:

  • Contains 0.3% THC or less
  • Sourced from industrial hemp, not cannabis

To really go above and beyond, ship your package with a statement explaining that your CBD products were produced by a registered, licensed industrial hemp producer that’s authorized to sell CBD products. You could even ship your product with a COA/lab report that verifies its low THC content. 

Shipping hemp-derived THC through private couriers

You can also ship CBD products through private couriers like FedEx, DHL, or UPS. As long as these products meet the two standards we mentioned above, they’re good to go! 

The easiest way to get THC shipped to you

As you’ve probably realized by now, the easiest way to get THC shipped to you is by enjoying your THC via a full spectrum hemp product. While these products won’t get you high, they can still be plenty uplifting. 

Check out our online CBD shop if you’re ready to get some THC (and a whole lot of CBD) shipping to you. At Medterra we carry truly full spectrum CBD that contains powerful cannabinoids and terpenes to help you feel your best. 

Can I Ship THC Products in the US Mail?

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