CBD & Coffee - Five Reasons to Add CBD to Your Coffee

CBD & Coffee - Five Reasons to Add CBD to Your Coffee

Do you love the balancing benefits CBD brings to your day?

Are you unable to live without the energy rush that morning cup of joe brings?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, then we might have found your new favorite beverage: CBD-infused coffee. Keep reading to learn more about 7 of this beverage’s top benefits. 

  • Coffee 101
  • Reason #1: CBD might balance out caffeine 
  • Reason #2: it could improve your workouts
  • Reason #3: it could enhance your endurance 
  • Reason #4: it could boost your strength
  • Reason #5: it could help you focus
  • How to Make CBD Coffee at Home

Coffee 101

Before getting into all the ins and outs of CBD coffee, let’s look at some stats. Legend has it coffee was first discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi, and since then it’s become pretty important to people worldwide. Coffee is one of America’s favorite drinks and accounts for the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet. [1

Why all the popularity? You probably already know: coffee is energizing because it contains high amounts of the naturally-occurring drug caffeine. Beneficial to career people and hardworking students alike, caffeine has such an impact on one’s work output that it might’ve been instrumental to movements like the industrial revolution. 

Reason #1: CBD might balance out caffeine 

As great as coffee might be, it’s not exactly forgiving if you take too much. Overdoing things can come with real side effects: jitters, headaches, and nausea are just the start. Some athletes even avoid caffeine before competition because it can amplify anxiety — in the process missing out on some real benefits. Then there are the potential digestive side effects. 

This is where CBD’s ability to counterbalance things comes in. From a biochemical perspective, CBD and caffeine actually have opposing effects on the adenosine receptors that, when ‘over-activated,’ may cause jitteriness. CBD may have a regulatory effect on the very same adenosine A2A receptors coffee that sometimes overstimulates. This might mean everything from reduced jitters to eliminate heart palpitations. [2]

 And that means combining the two could provide the best of both worlds...

Reason #2: it could improve your workouts

CBD coffee may benefit all you workout-lovers out there. “[Caffeine] can be a powerful ergogenic aid at levels that are considerably lower than the [maximum] acceptable limit of the International Olympic Committee and could be beneficial in training and in competition,” says one study. [3] Coffee has such proven effects on sports performance that taking large amounts of it was actually banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from 1984 until 2004. 

Long story short, coffee — so long as it’s caffeinated — really works. Here’s what athletes are saying.   

Reason #3: it could enhance your endurance 

“Personally, I wouldn't go to the line without a cup of coffee. On our team, we joke that coffee is our PED [performance-enhancing drug],” former Olympic runner Shalane Flanagan told ESPN. [4

In addition to its ability to boost both physical and mental endurance, coffee is thermogenic, meaning it raises one’s metabolism and allows more calories to be burned off as heat. But probably the biggest coffee-induced benefit for endurance athletes is its ability to shift the body from carbohydrate burning to fat burning, which is a much ‘cleaner’ type of fuel production. [5]

Reason #4: it could boost your strength

Coffee might be a great complement to strength training, too. It’s thought to activate the central nervous system en route to providing slight strength increases — basically, it seems to help one get the very most out of their body. Known “[markers of] strength in highly resistance-trained males were improved with caffeine ingestion,” states one study. [6]

Though more research is needed in this area, it’s pretty undeniable that countless power athletes use coffee (or other caffeine sources!) as a pre-workout boost, if for nothing else than its focus-enhancing effects.

Reason #5: it could help you focus

CBD coffee’s benefits can get pretty practical, too. It might be just the thing for you if you need to be on your mental best for school or work! 

Researchers suspect that CBD coffee’s combination of cannabinoids, caffeine, and antioxidants might supercharge your brain’s metabolism, essentially freeing up larger amounts of energy to power mental processes. Many people say it’s easier to eliminate distractions and stay focused on their most important tasks when they’re sipping on a CBD-infused espresso or latte. You know what they say: a CBD coffee a day keeps the brain fog away. 

How to make CBD coffee at home

Making CBD coffee — or even CBD-infused bulletproof coffee —  at home is actually pretty easy.

The first step is the most important one: brewing your coffee. Once it’s brewed and poured, add your fat source (optional) into the mix and stir well. Add a few drops of full spectrum CBD oil next, maybe one-quarter to one-half of your normal daily dose. Stir things up again, and you should be good to go. The added fats might even boost CBD’s absorption. 

And if you want to get really fancy with it just pour your hot coffee, fat source, creamer, CBD oil, other goodies into a blender and mix on the low setting for a while. The consistency will be literally perfect. Enjoy! 

CBC in Coffee

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