How CBG Helps with Relaxing and Staying Calm

How CBG Helps with Relaxing and Staying Calm

CBG may not be quite as popular as some of hemp’s other active ingredients, but it’s actually one of the most versatile cannabinoids of all! 

And one of CBG’s most exciting qualities is its calming, relaxing, stabilizing nature. Keep reading to learn more. 

  • CBG 101
  • Where does CBG come from?
  • How does CBG work? 4 amazing benefits
  • How to experience CBD for yourself

CBG 101

CBG, or cannabigerol, is one of hemp’s most interesting cannabinoids. Like its siblings, CBG exerts many of its best effects by activating the human endocannabinoid system. 

Like other cannabinoids that start with the letter ‘C,’ CBG is non-psychotropic. It doesn’t induce euphoria, because it doesn’t activate the exact same targets as THC. Instead it subtly leverages your body’s own endocannabinoids, anandamide and 2-AG, to empower your body to sustain itself. 

Where does CBG come from?

Where does CBG come from? Virtually any hemp plant will contain some amount of CBG, but only young hemp plants contain anything significant. Think of CBG as the “mother cannabinoid” from which all other cannabinoids are eventually produced. Young hemp plants that are harvested before their CBG gets converted have way more of the compound than fully mature plants. 

In the distant past accessing CBG would’ve been pretty dang easy. All you’d need to do is walk through your local hemp field, pick the most fragrant buds you could find, and start eating. Raw hemp is an excellent source of CBG, CBGa, and other ‘raw’ cannabinoids. 

In modern times, however, accessing CBG is a little more complicated. Separating CBG from hemp’s other cannabinoids requires high-end extraction methods like fractional distillation and spin chromatography. [1]

On the bright side, some hemp cultivators are now breeding strains specifically for their CBG content. That means we might begin to see CBG-rich mature hemp in the near future!

How does CBG work? 4 amazing benefits

What does CBG do? Great question. Below are 4 of its best potential health benefits. 

Relaxation + calmness

CBG’s impact on your mood is one of its most noticeable qualities. Most people who take CBG feel noticeably calmer and more relaxed afterward! 

Studies suggest that CBG might upregulate your brain’s levels of an important neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. What does GABA do? It helps both your brain — and body — relax.   

“Cannabigerol (CBG) exhibits GABA uptake inhibition to a greater extent than THC,” explains one study. CBG’s impact on GABA means it might just allow you to access your chill. [2]

Improved gut health

CBG’s bacteria-fighting properties might make it a useful supplement for anyone who needs to improve their gut health. 

One 2020 study found that CBG may kill MRSA. "CBG proved to be marvelous at tackling pathogenic bacteria," confirmed the study’s lead researcher. "The findings suggest real therapeutic potential for cannabinoids as antibiotics." [3]

CBG’s antimicrobial effects could carry over to other areas, too. It may be helpful for those with IBD and similar gut problems; partially because of its bacteria-fighting prowess, and partially because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. The study’s authors put their conclusion pretty mildly: “CBG could be considered for clinical experimentation in IBD patients.” 

It’s also interesting to note that our distant ancestors ate CBG-rich hemp to keep harmful microbes and parasites in check. You can accomplish the same thing today by taking a premium CBG product. [4

A brighter outlook

CBG may also be uniquely beneficial to your outlook on life. This benefit actually has a whole lot to do with the improved gut health we mentioned above. Why’s that? Because your gut health can actually impact many other areas of your health and mood. Scientists have christened it your ‘second brain’ for good reason!

Studies hint that CBG’s pro-microbe properties may also carry over into clearer thinking, reduced fogginess, and an overall brighter outlook on life. [5]

Reduced inflammation

Last but not least, CBG may help your body keep its inflammation levels in check. This is yet another benefit that stems from the cannabinoid’s antimicrobial properties — with improved gut health comes reduced systemic inflammation. 

GBG’s anti-inflammatory effects may benefit your cognitive performance, workout recovery, sleep habits, and more. [6

How to experience CBG for yourself

So…does CBG help you stay calm? The answer is a resounding yes. 

To summarize all of the above findings as simply as possible, CBG’s goodness begins in the gut, flows upward from there, and doesn’t stop until it’s affected both mental and physical health! 

And if you’re ready to experience this type of goodness in your own life, we can help. Our  Relax Now Fast-Acting Gummies are designed to make fast-acting CBG as easy to access as possible. In addition to being totally delicious, these gummies feature a form of nano-enhanced CBG that your body’s able to absorb 5-10 times faster than normal. Oh yeah, they also contain calming amino acids and botanicals to help you unleash the peace within. 

Not a fan of gummies? No problem. Feel free to opt for a CBG-infused Full Spectrum Tincture or some high-CBG Good Morning Capsules instead. 

GBG: top FAQs

Will CBG make me drowsy?

Unlikely. If anything, most people find CBG slightly energizing. Even large doses of CBG seem to be free from drowsy-fying side effects. There’s a reason CBG is the star player in our Good Morning Capsules — it’s got some pick-me-up!  

Does CBG have side effects?

CBG doesn’t have any serious side effects. In theory, though, ultra-high doses could trigger a positive microbial shift that might feel unpleasant in the moment. If you experience adverse effects from CBG, simply reduce your dose. 

How much CBG should I take?

Feel free to have your CBG intake mirror your dosage of other cannabinoids. CBG is also well-suited to both microdosing and more normal dosing strategies. With our Relax Now Fast-Acting Gummies, dialing in your dose is simple: just take one gummy per day. 

What’s the best way to take CBG?

We may be biased, but the Relax Now Gummies we just mentioned are definitely up there. They combine nano-enhanced CBG with L-theanine, GABA, and skullcap. Talk about a match made in relaxation heaven! The end result is a gummy 3 times faster and 4 times more effective than normal. 

CBG for relaxation: summing things up

Well, there you have it — CBG is one of hemp’s greatest gifts if you need to naturally unwind. 

Consider trying out our CBG-Infused Gummies for yourself if you haven’t already. Given that the scientific world has only just begun to study CBG, you might experience benefits above and beyond what we’ve mentioned here…

How CBG Helps with Relaxing and Staying Calm
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