5 Ways How to Use CBD Creams & Topicals

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5 Ways How to Use CBD Creams & Topicals
Have you tried a premium CBD topical yet? What about a high-strength CBD+ cream? If not...you might be missing out. CBD topicals and creams are a worthy addition to virtually anyone’s daily wellness routine. Here are 5 ways to use them. 
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Before sleep
  • Randomly — as needed 
  • After workouts
  • For massage therapy

What are CBD creams and topicals?

First things first, though: let’s review the basics. What are CBD creams and topicals? Despite their names, both products are designed to be used topically. And they both feature CBD infused into a carrier to make application easy.  The only major difference between a cream and a topical is that a cream has a water base, while a topical usually has an oil base.  Since CBD is fat-soluble, CBD creams must be emulsified for their CBD component to stay effective.  


Rolling Back Pain with Medterra's Recovery Cream

Way #1: Who Doesn’t Want Less Discomfort?

CBD topicals and creams provide a natural way to relieve discomfort.  Unlike other CBD products, topicals and creams can be used to target problematic areas directly.  CBD topicals work by targeting two major receptor systems within your body. The first system to be activated is the endocannabinoid system; CBD can bind to CB2 receptors located throughout your skin. [1] What’s less well-known is that CBD also acts on a completely different type of receptor: the TRPV receptor. [2] By acting on TRPV1, CBD may temporarily block the painful effects of chronic inflammation. 

Way #2: Before sleep

CBD topicals and creams can also be used prior to sleep. One recent study found that CBD could calm the mind enough to promote more relaxing sleep sessions. [3 If you’re trying to relax and find that night time discomfort is holding you back, don’t worry. Just apply a little bit of your favorite CBD cream/topical!

Way #3: Randomly — as needed 

One of the best things about CBD topicals is that application is easy. It’s not all that hard to just find your relief by feel Think of CBD oils and tinctures as your daily baseline — and CBD topicals as the proverbial icing on the cake. If your daily serving of CBD oil isn’t quite cutting it, just add a little bit of topical CBD into the mix...wherever, and whenever it’s needed!  

Way #4: After workouts

Is there anything better than a good workout? We think so: feeling good after a good workout.  But if it’s been an hour since your last running session and your legs are still hurting, something might be missing. You may have subjected your body to more inflammation/oxidation/lactic acid than it can handle. [4 Thankfully, escaping this type of post-workout discomfort is doable. Just use some topical CBD! CBD may quench the discomfort caused by intense workouts. [5] While more research is still needed in this area, pro cyclists, golfers, MMA fighters, and strongmen are already praising CBD’s recovery-boosting properties. [6 


Pain Relief Creams

Way #5: For massage therapy

We saved the very best way to use CBD creams and topicals for last: during massage therapy.  CBD salves of all sorts can be used in place of regular massage oils without any inconvenience.  If anything, they might amplify the already-awesome effects of massage! Some research has found that both CBD and massage therapy exert their mood-boosting effects through the endocannabinoid system. Why not use them together? [7

Summing things up

Consider using a CBD topical when nothing else will work. It might just give you the direct boost you’re looking for!  And even if you’re already completely happy with your CBD-infused wellness routine, don’t neglect the benefits of CBD topicals and creams.
5 Ways How to Use CBD Creams & Topicals


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