Meditation & CBD - How CBD Can Enhance Your Meditative State

Meditation & CBD - How CBD Can Enhance Your Meditative State

If you’ve made meditation a habit, you probably already know how great it is. 

There’s a reason why everyone from the Dalai Lama to Arnold Schwarzenegger testifies to meditation and its profoundly life-changing effects. [1]

But meditation can get even better. How? By combining it with CBD. Keep reading for a refresher course on why mindful meditation matters so much — and a new course on how CBD could enhance it further. 

  • Why mindfulness matters
  • Meditation 101
  • The benefits of meditation
  • The story of anandamide
  • Why CBD + meditation = bliss
  • How to combine CBD and meditation the right way


“Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abe Lincoln

What is mindfulness? 

To put things super simply, mindfulness is a mental state where one focuses on their awareness of the present moment. Not the past, not the future — just now. Mindfulness involves accepting your feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. 

For something that sounds so simple, however, mindfulness can take a lot of practice. It also takes time to get into. Once in a mindful state, though, everything shifts: you become more productive and less anxious. You find yourself in a state where your thoughts and actions seem to just flow smoothly from one phase to the next. 

As the above quote by Abraham Lincoln alludes to, it can take time for one to sharpen their mind. Once sharpened, however, you’ll be radically better prepared for the rest of the day. You’ll also be radically more efficient. Even if productivity is your sole goal, taking time to become more mindful is worth it. 


The best way to reach this sought-after state of mind is meditation. Meditation allows you to process and break past all the anxieties and insecurities that normally hold you back. It also allows you to unweight yourself from that never-ending to-do list your mind normally defaults to. 

Meditation involves mentally training you to live in the moment — in other words, to live mindfully.  

But meditation can be tough. Most of our brains are used to multitasking at a million miles an hour. How can we truly be still and embrace ourselves when thoughts of work and bills and our kids’ school events are all vying for our attention?

If you’re anything like we are, making the leap towards meditation might just require all the help you can get! (And by help, we mean CBD…but more on that later.)

For now let’s take a quick look at meditation’s biggest benefits. 


Meditation tends to make you realize things. For one, you may start to notice that your mind and body are connected: where the mind goes, the body follows. According to ayurvedic beliefs meditation activates one’s inner consciousness; this deeper level of consciousness, in turn, activates one’s physical body. [2]

Meditation has other benefits, too. Maybe you’ll think of new solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems. Maybe you’ll suddenly be able to accept the way a relationship ended or the unexpected way life has gone. Maybe you’ll begin to sleep better. Who knows! 

Interestingly enough, studies show that meditations benefits can persist long after the meditation session is done. [3]


The ayurvedic beliefs mentioned above also make another fascinating connection. The first Vedic texts to mention meditation also mention hemp — the plant that makes CBD! 

Could there be a reason for this uncanny overlap? Maybe. 

Both mediation and CBD work in similar ways to provide blissful aftereffects. CBD directly boosts your body’s level of an endocannabinoid called anandamide, so named after the Sanskrit word for “ bliss.” [4] Meditation and yoga have been shown to boost anandamide levels, too! [5] Put two and two together and it quickly becomes clear that CBD and meditation are a match made in biochemical heaven. 


It’s true: CBD and meditation help each other work even better since they operate through shared pathways. In fact, CBD may make it easier to get into meditation. (Don’t forget that so many CBD users say it helps them eliminate distractions.)

Meditation, in turn, can help you make the very life changes that CBD has made you healthy enough to accomplish. CBD provides the body boost…meditations provides the brain boost…together, CBD + meditation might just strengthen your mind-body connection. [6] No wonder so many people who try this combo report feeling happier and more whole than ever before. 


Some CBD products are more geared towards meditation than others. Larger doses of CBD tend to be calmer than smaller ones, so products that make high dose-CBD practical are usually the way to go. Our favorite meditation-friendly stuff includes:

  • CBD Tincture
  • CBD Wellness Gummies

CBD Tincture

Our CBD Tincture is our very most popular product. With only two premium ingredients — 99%+ CBD and organic MCT Oil — it’s also one of our simplest. 

This product is available in 3 different strengths: 500mg, 1000mg and 3000mg. For maximum calming effects opt for a higher-strength version. 


Our CBD Wellness Gummies beat stress while providing powerful immune support. 

Lavender and manuka honey keep you calm, while elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C keep you strong. And then there’s the CBD: our Wellness Gummies feature a truly broad spectrum hemp extract that contains CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDa, CBDv,  and natural terpenes

Last but not least, these meditation-friendly gummies contain a special calming amino acid called L-theanine. Users say L-theanine’s effects pair perfectly with coffee or tea.

Meditation & CBD - How CBD Can Enhance Your Meditative State

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