What is CBC? Cannabichromene Explained

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What is CBC? Cannabichromene Explained
CBD’s popularity has been booming for over four years now. Amazing how time flies, right? Now it’s CBC  time to shine.  As the research on cannabinoids progresses, cannabichromene has came into the spotlight for its pleasantly surprising effects. Here’s what you need to know about CBC — what it is, what it does, and how it could supercharge your health.  
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What is CBC?

Alongside CBN, CBC is one of the most powerful trace cannabinoids. It’s in the same family as CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, and many more. [1] CBC is also one of the hemp’s “big six” cannabinoids, and though it’s not quite as popular as the other five yet, we’ve gotta admit that it has a pretty cool name.  CBC is similar to CBD and THC in that it comes from the same precursor: CBG, or “the mother cannabinoid.” [2] It also has a similar molecular mass and chemical formula. 

How does CBC work?

Like CBD, CBC is non-psychotropic, meaning it won’t get you high.  Unlike CBD, though, CBD has a greater binding affinity  for pain-sensing receptors than it does for the “traditional” endocannabinoid system. It binds to TRPA1 receptors, TRPV receptors, and more.  Studies hint that CBC may reduce inflammation by helping your body to produce greater amounts of the endocannabinoid anandamide. [3] Other research has shown that CBC’s anti-inflammatory benefits may carry over to skincare; another study found that CBC reduced the severity of acne. [4] In other words, the CBC you ingest goes to different molecular targets than CBD or THC do — and confers a slightly different set of benefits in the process. 

CBC top health benefits

CBC research is just beginning to pick up. That means there aren’t all that many studies to choose from when sifting through the cannabinoid’s benefits.  What we do have, though, looks pretty promising. A 2014 review concluded that CBC “exert[s] a  direct anti-proliferative effect on tumors of different origin.” [5] Another study found that CBC may block the pain of collagen-related osteoarthritis. [6] CBC may also contribute to the entourage effect.  Neurological health Animal studies hint that CBC may benefit brain cell function. A 2013 study in mice found that CBC benefitted neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs), a type of cell required for healthy brain function. [7] Skincare CBC’s anti-inflammatory properties may allow it to inhibit acne. One study found that CBC could suppress lipid overproduction within the skin’s sebaceous glands. This same study discovered that CBC reduced the conversion of unhealthy fats like arachidonic acid (AA) into inflammatory prostaglandins. [8] Mood Yet another great CBC study found that this cannabinoid amplified CBD And THC’s antioxidant effects. The entourage effect includes CBC, after all! [9].

How to use CBC

Since CBC-only hemp products are very rare, the easiest way to take CBC is to simply accept how it comes to us in nature.  Medterra’s Ultra Broad Spectrum™ products have an industry-first 10:1 ratio of CBD to additional active cannabinoids, including CBC. This Ultra Broad Spectrum™ extract delivers a high-potency combination of active cannabinoids in convenient, long-lasting liquid capsules. CBC can also be infused into all sorts of different stuff, including edibles, topicals, and capsules. As we said earlier, though, CBC-specific products are very rare — for now. 

Summing things up

The amount of CBC in a full spectrum product may be small, but don’t worry! Only a small amount of CBC is needed for the entourage effect to kick in.  All in all, CBC is an underrated cannabinoid that’s definitely worth trying. It rounds out the effects of CBD and THC perfectly, and makes us suspect that nature really does know best after all…
What is CBC? Cannabichromene Explained


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