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9 Ways to fight Stress & Anxiety

Take time for yourself It's nearly impossible to think rationally when you're dealing with anxiet...
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CBD Oil Attracts Big Investments

Since early 2016, cannabis companies have raised almost $2 billion from investors, despite an unc...
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Studies Suggest A Bright Future For CBD

CBD steps forward Although THC has grabbed a lot of the attention when it comes to marijuana’s th...
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Pets and People love CBD in OKC

Business is booming for Lisa Jensen since she started selling treats, oils and ointments containi...
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Mother Advocates Medical Cannabis for Autism

Brandy Williams shared her moving story about how medical cannabis has turned her autistic son’s ...
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Medterra is the Superior CBD Oil Brand

Ok, we’ll admit it. There are plenty of places to get CBD oil online. Some are good. Some are not...
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