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Top 10 Medterra Golf Influencers

PGA Memes

We all know that golf can be serious and stuffy at times. Exploring the lighter side of golf is Travis over at PGA Memes. Mr. PGA Memes is a thought leader on Instagram and is constantly coming up with new and fun ways to showcase the personalities of the game. The jabs and jests come fast and furious with PGA Memes.

Lucas Glover

While Lucas is best known for winning the 2009 US Open at Bethpage Black, he has matured into a wiley veteran on the PGA Tour.  Lucas has a drive to win like no other. It was that relentless drive that propelled him to qualify for the Tour Championship in 2019 after a 10 year absence.

Paige Renee

Exploding onto the golf scene in 2015, Paige quickly ascended the ranks of social media golf stardom. She has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated and appeared on the cover of Golf Digest.  More importantly, Paige serves as an ambassador for Cybersmile, a non-profit which provides global support and educational programs to help combat cyber-bullying.

Charley Hoffman

As a crafty veteran on the PGA Tour, Charley knows what it takes to carve out a successful life as a professional golfer. The fan favorite, Hoffman often finds his way onto leaderboards at places like Augusta National and TPC San Antonio. Over the years, Charley has found his way into the hearts of golf fans across America.

Tisha Alyn

One of the most diverse stars on social Media, Tisha Alyn brings the heat, the golf, and the dance moves. Tisha got her start in competitive golf and moved up in the influencer world due to her positive attitude, quick wit, and sparkling good looks.

Hole in One Trick Shots

The uncontested king of the golf trick shot is Mr. Joshua Kelley. Just when you think that the golf trick shot world is saturated with tricks and nothing new or original can be created, Josh pulls another rabbit out of his hat.

Kelly James

A musician, a family man, and a businessman. Kelly got his start traveling For Mr James, hosting events for professional athletes like Phil Mickelson, Steph Curry and Tiger Woods is par for the course. Kelly’s talent lies in his ability to spin words around some of the world’s best golfers as they attempt to tee off. These improvised on the spot raps, incorporate the audience in a fun, unique, and personal way.

Morgan Hoffman

As an Oklahoma State grad and 7 year member of the PGA Tour, Morgan Hoffman is a man of many talents. A passionate pilot since he was in college, Morgan Hoffman cruises the skies and the golf course with equal grace. Leading the way with his 7 iron and his Piper Lance turbo prop plane, Morgan has also established a successful brand of golf clothing at Greyson.

In 2017, Morgan Hoffman was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, in response Morgan has made it his mission to cure muscular dystrophy and improve the lives of those fighting this debilitating disease. In 2019 alone, The Morgan Hoffman Foundation Pro Am raised over $1 million to fight Muscular Dystrophy.

Coach Rusty

When Coach Rusty isn’t hitting golf balls into milk jugs or exploding watermelons, he’s putting on live trick show clinics across the country. Not only is Coach an expert on these live performances, he’s also a proud father.  Explore the fun and creative side of golf with Ryan Rustand.

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Matt Ginella

Matt Ginella has one of those jobs that every golfer dreams of.  Matt showcases great golf destinations for the Golf Channel and explores the world in search of the perfect golf buddies’ trip.  Like a true golf pioneer, he makes friends, uncovers the best hangs, and shares his journeys with the golfing public.

Ginella is also a certified Links Souldier. As an original ambassador for Links Soul, Matt has helped turn the brand into something special.

   “Born at Sports Illustrated and raised at Golf Digest.” That is what you will find on Matt Ginella’s Twitter bio.