CBD is becoming more mainstream by the day

by Jay Hartenbach

June 5, 2019

From CBD products hitting the shelves of major pharmacy chains to professional athletes solidifying long term CBD sponsorships, the time for CBD is now. Medterra is no exception to this shift, with our products now on the shelf at CVS and a full roster of partners, we are in fact at the forefront of this movement.

There are few entities in this world as prestigious and disciplined as the sport of golf, and that is an industry we have recently put a significant investment in. This week we announced our official partnership with Worldwide Golf Shops, the parent company to Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Golfers Warehouse, the Golf Mart, Vans, Golf Shops, and Uinta Golf. Throughout the month we will be rolling out in these stores nationwide, offering consumers our CBD Tinctures, Good Morning CBD Soft-Gels, and CBD Rapid Cooling Cream. With product exclusivity, we are the only CBD brand to be featured in these stores.

In conjunction with our new partnership with Worldwide Golf, we recently signed 3 PGA Tour golfers, US Open Major Champion Lucas Glover, four-time PGA tour winner Charley Hoffman, and Morgan Hoffman. Prior to working with these 3, we found that they were all using our products as part of their daily regimen. If there’s one thing we’ve learned to focus on, its finding partners who truly believe in our products and are not just looking for financial compensation. This just further validates that they are people we want to align with.

To help facilitate the rollout our golf program, we recently hired former Nike Director of Sales, Greg Moore. With over 25 years of golf retail experience, he is now our VP of Sales of the Golf Division. “Golf really aligns with what we want to do as a company,” said Medterra CBD CEO and co-founder Jay Hartenbach. “There is a lot of benefits to be had for these professional athletes using CBD products for their training and recovery. This market and demographic really aligns well with our products.” Said our founder and CEO Jay Hartenbach.

At this time, the PGA Tour Anti-Doping agency does not consider CBD in its purest form to be a prohibited substance for players. However, this is not to say that all CBD is created equally. When players choose a CBD brand, they need to be cautious of misleading labels and impure products. Education on where the CBD is coming from, the extraction process, and testing execution is key. Many golfers have turned to Medterra as their CBD brand of choice, proving to meet the standards of both quality and consistency.

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