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Medterra looks to provide our customers with only the very best CBD products. Because of our dedication to doing so, our customers have fallen in love with our products.

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Was very pleased with my purchase

Brandy Rogers on 4/21/2019 1:26:56 AM

Great for hot flashes

Kelli on 4/20/2019 9:12:49 AM

The tincture CBD oil I have been using is outstanding for hot flashes being completely omitted. Im in full fledge menopause I have no hot flash symptoms thanks to Medterra CBD tincture. Im the only one in my group of friends experiencing menopause that is completely hot flash free. I started using the tincture in October 2018 and noticed the difference of relief in about 2 weeks. March of 2019 I got off my schedule of using the tincture drops twice a day and boy did I notice a difference. The hot flashes resumed full force I immediately resumed twice a day tincture drops 25 in am and 25 in pm and voila hot flash free It is so nice to live life without the hot flash symptoms and not have any brain fog that comes with menopause. Cant say enough about this product Outstanding Glad I found it.

Bulldog likes

Skip on 4/18/2019 6:16:50 PM

Ive had several rescue bulldogs over the years and learned each can have their own special needs. Most of the bullies are seniors and joint issues are the biggest problem and often of the hardest issues for me to battle with. The vet always advises us to watch the weight give a good meal use supplements and often provide prescriptions for various synthetic medications. The CBD oil is a newer treatment that I am able to try on the bullies now and try first before I just jump directly into synthetic RXs as the only option for the joint pain. In using with my bulldogs Ive also seen improvement in the bullies with anxiety issues those that were a seemingly always on the edge when it comes to being jumpy around strangers and restless at night. I am less frighten off CBC using the CBD oil since I know this is also human grade and not a synthetic RX that I have to watch the dosing very closely and wonder if I am doing too little too much. Dont know if CDB oil is the cure all for everything but at least one more thing I can try for the bullies.


Jeannette on 4/17/2019 5:38:18 PM

Works so quickly on pain . Its awesome

Amazing results after 3 weeks

on 4/17/2019 2:52:59 PM

When I began using the 1000 mg MedTerra CBD Tincture 30 mg x 2 a day I had lost approximately 50 of the hearing in my left ear. After 3 weeks whatever blockage had been causing this was cleared and I attribute the full return of my hearing to this product. Additionally my achilles tendonitis in rt ankle felt much better and overall had more strength and focus. Really appreciate the quality and reliability of this product would highly recommend and compared to other brands is very reasonably priced Thank you MedTerra.

Amazing results after 3 weeks

Mookie H on 4/17/2019 2:52:58 PM

When I began using the 1000 mg MedTerra CBD Tincture 30 mg x 2 a day I had lost approximately 50 of the hearing in my left ear. After 3 weeks whatever blockage had been causing this was cleared and I attribute the full return of my hearing to this product. Additionally my achilles tendonitis in rt ankle felt much better and overall had more strength and focus. Really appreciate the quality and reliability of this product would highly recommend and compared to other brands is very reasonably priced Thank you MedTerra.

rewards program

Sandra Cleveland on 4/15/2019 8:35:12 PM

I have been using medterra a for several months now I have been happy with the product. I tried to redeem my rewards and it so complicated I tried the chat for help and no one responded. I am totaling feed up.


Jane on 4/15/2019 3:22:30 AM

I really can tell a difference in my ability to walk through the grocery store etc with much less pain and fatigue. Ive used the oil tincture and cooling cream since Dec 18. As time goes on these cbd products continue to give me relief. Occasionally Ill forget to take the oil 2xs a day for a few days . Then I definitely know Ive skipped dosages re pain and anxiety levels soar. Ive been able to decrease use if pain meds also .

Good Sleep no pain

Arlene on 4/14/2019 3:09:24 PM

I have been able to stop pharmaceuticals for sleep. One dropper of 500 mg CBD and a good night sleep follows. Also when I had shingles. none of the expensive prescriptions helped the pain. CBD by mouth and a few drops on the skin took away the pain after the local application took away the pain from post herpetic neuralgia. My MD is skeptical but I am a true believer.

CBD is a miracle

on 4/11/2019 8:34:58 PM

I have essential tremors which can be very dibilitating. Before I started using CBD the tremors were so bad I couldnt write I couldnt eat and it was difficult to open packages or anything that required using my hands. I took 3 different medications for it and it was difficult to get my tremors manageable as I now put it. Esssential tremors get progressively worse - they are curse I wouldnt wish on anyone.Since I started using CBD I talked to my neurologist and my tremors have become manageable - I can usually write without using my left hand to steady my right hand I can eat without getting so frustrated Id cry and it is easier to open things and use my hands. My neurologist knew little about CBD but did indicate other patients had come to him saying they were using it. After doing an evaluation and taking a video he saw how manageable my tremors are now. He agreed I could wean myself off one of the meds I was taking - Topamox used to control seizures but found to help those with essential tremors - and since doing that I have had no bad side effects or problems. I do think my tremors got a bit worse but I started taking more CBD and they are now manageable. CBD has been a miracle for me Being able to function in ways I barely could like writing and eating has improced my quality of life and Im so grateful for finding Medterra and its excellent products. I am proof positive that CBD works to help with tremors.

Life Saver

Tina Marie on 4/11/2019 7:27:20 PM

My husband suffers from PTSD and a military related injury where he is in constant pain. He used to take pain killers for years and it did nothing for his paininflammation. He also has anxietyPTSD. I ordered the CBD Oil tincture and it has done wonders for him I was starting to worry he would need more medications but thanks to Medterra he hasnt had to take any pain killers and is doing really well. Thank you so much for your amazing products I also started taking cbd via gel capsule and its been amazing for me as well. There is truly no flavor to the tincture or capsules. 3

No benefit to me.....but

Michael Larsen on 4/10/2019 9:39:53 PM

I am not here to say anything bad about the product. On the contrary Ive seen what it does for others. My pain level is very very high due to having blown out three discs in my neck and being paralyzed for about six months. Im fine now other than the constant neck pain that I have. I just dont think the CBD oil is nearly strong enough to touch my pain. I was on Norco and then Oxycontin for years and eventually they stopped working too and I doubt that the CBD cream that I tried is anywhere near as powerful. I just dont want to go back to those hard core narcotics. I didnt have any side effects from them but they are certainly not healthy for our systems. I may try the tincture and see what a sublingual application will do. I dont have high hopes but Im willing to try. With that I give the CBD cream I tried a 5 because it did work for others I know and it worked very very well. My pain is unique and severe and so I may have to try other types to see if I can find something that works. The problem is that to do so gets very expensive. Life goes on.

Helps Endometriosis Pain

Sheg on 4/9/2019 5:29:38 PM

I have had surgeries and tried acupuncture reiki and all kinds of conventional and natural remedies to alleviate my endometriosis pain but nothing worked before this cream. Even applied topically the product immediately relieves the pain. Its a miracle

Life Changing Results

Nikki L Makowsky on 4/9/2019 3:55:41 PM

I am 54 years old. I originally purchased the 3000 Oil for sleep. I have read mixed reviews about how this oil effects sleep. Some say it does nothing others swear by it. The lack of ability to sleep falls under one big category. Insomnia. Doctors cannot always pinpoint the reason for it. I have struggled with insomnia for the past 25 years. Melatonin will help me fall asleep but not say asleep. I now realize my sleep issues are due to anxiety. I have probably had a general anxiety issue all my life and did not realize it until now. I am only two weeks into using this oil once a day half a dropper at bedtime and it has completely changed my life. I have gone from 3-4 choppy hours of sleep to a solid 6. The first couple of days my whole body was tingling probably because my cells were waking up. My brain fog is gone and I have not felt this good since I was a teenager. I am no longer overly anxious when I face the stresses of daily life. I am completely blown away by the positive and almost immediate effects. The pharmaceuticals on the market that help battle anxiety and insomnia are dangerous and damaging. Please have an open mind when reading the negative reviews on sleep. No company that produces CBD oil is allowed to make medical claims which is why honest customer reviews are so important.


Erik on 4/9/2019 9:57:54 AM

My mom tried it for the first time after a long day of work she has her aches and groans. She doesnt get high and she feels great

Really makes a difference

Andrew on 4/9/2019 12:10:04 AM

Ive been using 1000mg of CBD every night for about 2 months now. I have slight anxiety due to 10 years of military service. I also used to get random daily muscle spasms from stress in my neck the pain would be so bad it would almost bring me to tears. This CBD has completely stop both of those issues and given me peace of mind when I have to take drug tests for my career.

Greatest CBD oil on the market in my opinion I wou

Victoria Wellington on 4/8/2019 7:57:14 PM

I have rheumatoid arthritis and seizures I have been taking your product for several months now and it has been nothing short of a miracle in my life I tell anyone who will listen about medterra it has literally changed my life I am forever grateful if I had any complaints it would be navigating the new website never the product it is awesome hopefully I will be able to afford a higher tincture one day until then keep making an incredible CBD oil forever in your debt Victoria

Excellent for Arthritic hips

ED on 4/8/2019 1:47:52 PM

I use the 3000. 12 dropper as needed. Works pretty quick and thats what I needed. Darn doctors what us drugged up not this guy.


D. Anderson on 4/8/2019 12:35:21 PM

I ordered the CBD oil and paid the It was supposed to have 3000mg of CBD dissolved in it. This is why I paid more money because it said 3000 MGs. Im upset and angry because this is my 5th attempt and trying to find good product over the internet. I initially purchased a different brand in person that only had 1500 MGs and I could actually taste even then the lower concentration level and I felt the results. Bottom line the concentration mix should have been what was represented. I didnt feel anything. Just disappointed.

Awesome Just Awesome

kelli Thompson on 4/5/2019 11:20:25 AM

I have hip and knee replacements along with arthritis in my neckshoulders and my left wrist which causes chronic and intrusive pain to say the least. I utilize the tincture on a daily basis for maintaining daily living and have noticed a decreased pain in my entire body however there are times I push it a little as I am physically active and need a little extra and I use this Rapid Soothing Cream on my wristthumb area and my neckshoulder area and I cannot express how AMAZING this stuff is It lasts for hours if you rub it in good and the smell is soothing as well. Also it lasts forever. I am still on my first bottle and I got in last August and it is now April. So it is WELL WORTH IT. ALL of MEDTERRA PRODUCTS I have found are AMAZING. Thank you SO Much for such a WONDERFUL and SAFE product. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK. Kelli Thompson


Jane on 4/4/2019 6:19:56 PM

I have used the cooling cream and tincture for 4 months. The cooling cream only takes a small amout and really helps with pain . I usr it before bed and before going shopping etc. Arthritic knee pain is definitely better


Jane on 4/4/2019 6:15:23 PM

I have used Medterra tincture and cooling cream for 4 months . The tincture helps me relax at night for better sleep. It helps with hip knee neck thoracic lumbar and hand pain from arthritis. It also helps with fibromyalgia pain and discomfort. The cooling cream feels great and helps knees and neck a lot. Customer service is excellent.


Timothy Svendsen on 3/31/2019 8:06:17 PM

Ive used this 3000ml CBS oil and Ive tried many from many other companies and this is highest ML that I could find and the best I got the hemp original flavor Im not big on coconut flavor its just as good but its all about your taste Im a 911 survivor and my pains been terrible and its safer than opioids

It helps but takes time.

Guanto on 3/30/2019 8:06:35 PM

en using Medterra for just over 3 months now and its starting to ease up the nervemuscle pains I deal with 247. One 50mg capsule a day plus 1 full dropper every other day. In conjunction with Cymbalta and pain medication Im getting better last two Ive been on well before starting the cbd. Did use a different product for a month prior but it had a long lasting aftertaste which wasnt the best. This has none and is very thin not thick like syrup. Thats not exactly cheap using two different products a month so if it wasnt for the generous coupon codes here I probably wouldnt purchase any cbd at all from here or anywhere else for that matter. Please update to the latest lab results for cbd capsules imagine you have turned a few new batches since the last one was posted On the other hand the 50mg capsules didnt help my grandma88 at all but the salve1000mg nganics I got her does help with her hands. Thanks

It helps but takes time.

Guanto on 3/30/2019 7:59:28 PM

Been using Medterra for just over 3 months now and its starting to ease up the nervemuscle pains I deal with 247. One 50mg capsule a day plus 1 full dropper every other day. In conjunction with Cymbalta and pain medication Im getting better last two Ive been on well before starting the cbd. Did use a different product for a month prior but it had a long lasting aftertaste which wasnt the best. Thats not exactly cheap using two different products a month so If it wasnt for the generous coupon codes here I probably wouldnt purchase any cbd at all from here or anywhere else for that matter. Please update to the latest lab results for cbd capsules imagine you have turned a few new batches since the last one was posted On the other hand the 50mg capsules didnt help my grandma88 at all but the salve1000mg I got her does help with her hands. Thanks

cream for pain

Arlene Hyatt on 3/30/2019 4:10:37 PM

I purchased the cream for my arthritis in my feet and it does absolutely nothing. What a waste of 50.00

5.0 Review Rating is Bogus

Allen Wall on 3/30/2019 8:47:36 AM

This my second review submission - the first was never published. As a compounding pharmacist I was eager to share in the positive CBD benefits shared in Medterras promotional material and the anecdotal customer reviews. I used the topical product for over a month for low back pain and experienced no significant benefit other than the cooling sensation at the dermal level potentially derived from the Menthol in the products formulaAs for the 5.0 rating being bogus while there are very few less than 5.0 raters in the total of 369 it is mathematically impossible for Medterra to arrive at a mean average of 5.0. That is misleading advertising.

Works wonders for sleep depression

Danielle on 3/28/2019 9:10:05 PM

Ive been taking this CBD tried both the tincture and the gelcaps for about 3 months and I tell everyone how great it is for me. I sleep much more deeply and soundly since starting to take either form daily and my anxiety and depression are improved.

Great product and company

Cynthia Speer on 3/28/2019 2:41:22 PM

I just ordered the CBD isolate now available only by phone I guess for maybe the 3rd or 4th time and have now been using it probably 6 months now. I have multiple health issues including fibromyalgia. Also there are a number of things I am sensitive to and cannot ingest so the pure Isolate is best for me - dont have to worry at all about what else is in the product. I think it is helping me tremendously and I highly recommend trying it. I have reduced pain and less brain fog. I have always got my product quickly with no transaction problems at all. Thank you MedTerra

Did nothing

Jim Knost on 3/28/2019 5:32:49 AM

Tried this product for over three weeks and it did absolutely nothing. Didnt help with sleeping anxiety or inflammation knee problems just like putting water under your tongue. I guess its more of a psychological effect. The product was returned and I got most of my money back.

Relieved my IBS symptoms

Brenda on 3/27/2019 3:17:51 PM

I have struggled for years with irritable bowel syndrome and could literally find no relief. Atleast once a day I would have a moment where I would have to run to the bathroom and that became embarrassing and also anxiety filled. I have tried changing my diet avoiding certain foods eliminating dairy and also taking an anti spasmodic that my gastroenterologist gave me however they have not worked. It got to the point where I had severe anxiety of eating any foods and I lost weight. When I started the CBD I immediately felt better and my stomach did not make any more rumbles or had to run to the bathroom. Ive been able to bring back a lot of different kinds of food to my diet and I feel much better about eating because I know I wont have any symptoms. They basically disappeared

Anxiety relief finally

TREASA MCWATERS on 3/27/2019 1:41:33 PM

I bought a bottle of the 3000 mg and I cannot and will not stop recommending it to anyone who will listen I am able to think much more clearly because Im not so stressed It has made a huge difference in the office I am working at. My boss is the one who told me about it after I had commented on how much easier it has been to work with her lately. I am so grateful that there is something healthy i can have now to calm my nerves and my mind.

Received Damaged Product

Jeri M on 3/27/2019 12:14:43 AM

I placed an order for a 1000mg bottle of cbd oil. The shipping took longer than normal due to a shipping error. I received an email from Medterra that notified me of the delay which was nice because I was beginning to worry. When the product came the bottle had completely leaked out into the bubble wrap packaging. I have reached out to customer service twice now and have not received a response. I ordered from Medterra because there seemed to be a lot of good reviews and I wish could say my experience was the same. I probably would have given it another shot if I would have received some sort of response however I am going to take my money somewhere that I might actually receive a product to try.

Life saver

Britney K on 3/26/2019 11:50:19 AM

I am 6 weeks postpartum and unfortunately could not breastfeed my baby. With that being said I was comfortable starting to take pure 3000mg CBD tinctures and I truly believe it has helped me bounce back and keep my depression and anxiety at bay. Im a first time mom and our labor and delivery was a nightmare so I was feeling pretty terrible. Mentally I am feeling incredible now and looking forward to getting healthy mind and body in the coming months. Thank you MedTerra for being a product I can rely on

Great for my profession as a Massage Therapist

Priscilla on 3/25/2019 7:44:06 PM

I personally cannot say enough about how wonderful the product is I personally find that it helps a great deal with the immense chronic conditions that I have working 8 to 10 hour shifts a day on my feet as a licensed massage therapist.

Works like a charm

Olwen on 3/24/2019 9:16:03 AM

My joints used to ache and stiffen from arthritis. Now I am happy to walk my dog in the park

No more howling

Tina on 3/22/2019 7:28:44 PM

I have two pups and they cannot deal with me being away at work for so long separation anxiety After I leave they start crying and howling which I have to say is heartbreaking. Ive been taking Medterra products myself for the past few months and I absolutely LOVE how it has helped me with my anxiety. For this reason I was thrilled that they were releasing a pet line. I started giving my dogs the 300mg beef tincture half a dropper about 30 minutes before I left for the day and noticed they were more calm and relaxed is this real life After about 3 days of doing this in the AM they stopped howling completely I dont know how but this product is magic If you have dogs with separation anxiety this is a miracle product


Keith on 3/19/2019 9:14:46 PM

Incredible product. I have taken CBD before through various dispensaries with mixed results. Medterra is high quality and has helped tremendously with my anxiety depression and insomnia. I was dependent on Benzodiazepines for my anxiety and since taking Medterra CBD I have not needed any anxiety meds at all. I truly wish I knew about this years ago.

It works for me

M. Gordon on 3/19/2019 11:54:01 AM

Background male 78 active in tennis and disco and other dancing. Hip pain started in late 2018. Ibuprofen Aleeve helped but disliked taking these products constantly to limit pain. CBD was recommended by many people. I tried Medterra tincture 1000 once in the AM and again 12 hours later. After a few days I no longer needed Ibuprofen or Aleeve.While the hip pain and pain in left leg didnt disappear completely it became entirely tolerable. Havent taken anything else since using CBD. I pay full price and no one solicited this review. Hip replacement is in July and until then I am really happy to have the pain control that CBD provides. On occasion I do have to use the cream which provides direct relief when the pain rises if I walk too much. Other pro developments are better skin and I can have an occasional vodka with no concerns about blood thinning. Lastly although I am a relatively calm person I do feel even more relaxed since starting CBD. The high cost of CBD is surely a problem for some which is unfortunate. Also government action to insure proper preparation of the tincture would not be a bad thing.

Relief for Arthritis Neck Pain

Hal Blackmore on 3/19/2019 9:01:17 AM

On a trip to San Antonio I bought the 3.4 fl. oz. can of Medterra Rapid Cooling Cream 250 mg at a store front along the Riverwalk. I have been struggling with arthritis neck pain for years having difficulty sleeping without taking two tablets of Aleve before bedtime. The active ingredient of Aleve is very detrimental to Liver function and can also cause stomach ulcers as well with prolonged use. To my surprise the Rapid Cooling Cream gave instant results allowing me to sleep well at night. I have been searching for it locally without success so here I am at the Medterra website making a purchase. I have tried a few other CBD products with some success but the Rapid Cooling Cream is the best Ive found for my particular situation.

Wife off Tramadol after four years of daily use.

KEVIN on 3/18/2019 1:07:21 PM

Bought this for my wife who suffers from chronic pain in her back and hip. She has taken a fairly low dose of Tramadol for the last four years At her worst 3-50mg pills a day. She wanted to reduce the use of the Tramadol because of the addictive properties and started to wean herself down taking half doses approximately three months ago. After some substantial research I bought her a bottle of Medterra because of the consistent positive reviews. She has literally tried almost any and every Dr recommended course of action including Graston technique spinal injections needling physical therapy etc. Started off with a bottle of 500 mg twice a day with minimal results. She started using the 1000 mg bottle twice a day a few weeks ago. While on vacation last week she stopped taking Tramadol all together and as of today is nine days free from taking her prescription. She still has minor withdraw symptoms but is dealing with them in hopes they subside quickly. Bottom line to her this product is working and she is VERY VERY happy to be free from prescription narcotics. This product is more expensive than her Tramadol but I am happy to pay the difference for her peace of mind. In closing I wanted to add I have contacted Medterra a handful of times while doing research and also for customer service questions. They are consistently courteous knowledgeable friendly.

Cant recommend enough

Robert Means on 3/17/2019 4:47:36 PM

One 50mg capsule in the morning has replaced 300mg of Ultram and 300mg of Gabepentin daily for me. I drive a truck and work 12 hour days. Even the pain pills didnt help some days but with the CBD capsules Im mostly pain free except for the very worst days and then its only a small amount compared to what I had in the past. I tried tinctures from other places in the past and the inconsistent dosage didnt give me the relief that the capsules do. Best thing is no worries about trace amounts of THC showing up on a drug test if other companies arent always vigilant about ensuring THC levels. Came up hot on a home drug test in the past with others but never with Medterra.

Does not work for sleep

Alex Madison on 3/17/2019 12:39:32 PM

I tried taking a CBD capsule as an alternative to OTC sleeping pills but 50 mg did nothing for me. It wasnt until I took another OTC sleeping pill that I was able to fall asleep. Very disappointed since I wanted a natural remedy for sleep

Thumbs up

Chris C on 3/17/2019 9:31:46 AM

The product at Medterra is head and shoulders above other competitors. You can tell its of a high quality and no other artificial additives. Also the company is easy to deal with and has given me excellent customer service. If you use CBD products you need to use Medterra.

Excellent Product

VIOLET on 3/15/2019 1:11:42 PM

I having been using the 3000 mg CBD for 3 months and wont go without it anymore. I learned about it through a friend following my 3rd bout with cancer. I was in agony and my anxiety was extremely high. Losing the anxiety was the first thing I noticed after about a month on the product. It also really helps with the pain that I have to live with. For the person who said it doesnt work Id say you arent taking enough and you havent been on it long enough to feel the difference. I found the tincture 3000 mg to be exactly what I need.


Nicole on 3/12/2019 11:25:01 AM

I have suffered from severe endometriosis pain for 20 years. My cramping was debilitating nothing not even prescription pain killers helped. I just started taking these yesterday when yhe first sign of cramping began they were extremely mild. Thinking maybe it was a fluke I anticipated the horror that would follow the next day. I got up for work with moderate cramping took 2. By the time I left for work I was completely pain free Do you hear me PAIN FREE I worked all day on my feet running around like a mad woman not once did I ever experience any discomfort let alone severe pain. I am blown away by the results will be a returning customer forever. Upside there were zero side effects as well unlike pain killers. Thank you Thank you Thank you

It definitely works

Mallory on 3/12/2019 10:31:39 AM

I use it at night to help ease my anxiety. My anxiety give me severe insomnia but this oil works quickly and puts me right to sleep. I love it


Mary on 3/12/2019 1:06:24 AM

This cream has been amazing I was told I need to have a knee replacement Ive been suffering with knee pain for over eight years the pain would be so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night with pain I put just a little bit of 750 Mg CBD topical cooling cream at night on my knee before I go to bed I am able to sleep through the whole night with no pain this was the best thing I couldve ever gotten. I dont care for cooling cream. But this cooling cream is not strong or bad at all. Thank you so much MEDTERRA

Very Disappointed

Patricia Kang on 3/10/2019 7:01:54 PM

Bought the 25mg CBD gel capsules to ease my body pain caused by cancer. Took one capsule in evening and did not feel any difference. Pain level is still the same with no relief. I am very disappointedHow do I return the bottle for refund


Tom on 3/10/2019 2:12:07 PM

I have 3 picky eaters and they all love the beef flavor not so much the chicken. But they all benefit from it Great product

Very poor shipping or send out

Mitch on 3/8/2019 8:52:48 PM

Was very excited to order from here being the reviews. But it took 3days to get a confirmation email. Saying nothing but that they received my order.. Then 2 more days later they say they shipped it. And it will be here on Wednesday. Its now friday night and it still hasnt arrived been 8days now sences ive ordered. Starting to believe nothings comeing and its just a scam. Hopefully im wrong. I cant even imagine how slow costumer service is

Game Changer

Glenda on 3/7/2019 4:43:21 PM

This product has been a Game Changer in my life. Ive been doing so many things right from diet and exercise to meditation and yoga. But still I was struggling with so many health issues. My list consisted of Peri-Menopause Symptoms Chronic Dry Eye Constipation Psoriasis Restless Leg Syndrome and overall Stiffness. These issues are no longer on my list. Ive been taking CBD Tincture under a month and my Hot Flashes went from 8-10 a day to a total of 3 in the last week. I know longer need my eye drops Im regular my Psoriasis is fading and no new reoccurrences. Ive suffered from this since age 12 Im 56 My Restless Legs are now calm and I can get to sleep. I have no aches pains or stiffness at all. My energy and mood are even throughout the day. For the first time in a very long time my body is in balance. I have achieved homeostasis and it feels amazing

Best Brand I Have Tried BY FAR

Olivia on 3/7/2019 12:40:34 PM

I use CBD for relief of PTSDanxietydepressionchronic pain symptoms. This is the best brand I have tried by far. I love that it is clear doesnt feel like I am ingesting motor oil like some other products I have tried. And WOW does it help with my symptoms. My days seem to be feeling less and less like a battle with myself which is already improving my quality of life. It shipped really quickly after I placed my order and I have nothing but good things to say about this product and company. Thank you

Question about CBD and OCD

Rebecca on 3/5/2019 9:10:58 PM

HelloSo for some time now I started dealing with OCD specifically Pure O. I recently read how CBD can have a really positive response to people with OCD and anxiety. Just curious if anyone on here started CBD for OCD and if it seemed to helpHope to hear back from someone.Thank you

it works

john blowski on 3/5/2019 4:04:51 PM

just ordered mine. havent had their brand but I know cbd works for wellness.

Received order quickly but liquid is completely cl

Wendy ODonoghue on 3/3/2019 12:46:09 PM

My oil is completely tasteless and colorless. All other oils I have seen are yellow and very oily. Is something wrong with mine

Helps stop seizures in our rat with epilepsy

brian starr on 3/1/2019 11:00:33 PM

We rescue abandoned litters of wild rats Rattus Rattus. Tommy was brought to us when he was a tiny baby eye not yet open. It was endearing how he used to tremble when it was feeding time but it later progressed to full on seizures nearly every day. It was causing him a lot of distress and his health was deteriorating so we were desperate to help him somehow. After some research we learned that CBD was a natural safe and effective treatment for epilepsy. We decided to try Medterras 150mg CBD oil for pets just one drop per day mixed in with Tommys food worked wonders Tommy hasnt had a single seizure since he started taking CBD oil. A few times when he got excited about something I expected him to have a seizure but all he did was run around in his cage. He is now noticeably more relaxed happier and able to care for himself better. CBD oil has definitely improved his quality of life. I just wish I would have known about this sooner. Thank you Medterra for making such an effective and reasonably priced treatment available for animals like Tommy

Not happy

Sct on 3/1/2019 8:31:00 PM

I was so excited to experience some kind of relief. After reading reviews I thought WOW this has to work it didnt. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and with that comes a variety of chronic pains. I dont sleep. Longest I sleep is 2-4 hrs at a time and 4 os so rare I shouldnt even mention it. The most it did was help me fall asleep within and hour of taking the highest cbd mg and then I was up within 2 hours. I feel like it was a total waste of money. Being disabled I have a very limited income and took a lot for me to put faith into this product. I am so disappointed. Im not willing to give up on cbd Im just giving up on this brand.

Great relief

Nancy T on 3/1/2019 4:37:50 PM

My daughter pushed me to try this and I can tell you that the relief in my knees and lower back is amazing. I had difficulty walking any distance at all and now I go out more and can walk further I use the 3000ml daily.

Gave Me My Dog Back

Becky West on 3/1/2019 1:31:48 PM

I have a miniature schnauzer puppy 9 mos. old. He and I had a strong bond from the day we got him. That bond seemed to disappear as he got older. Im pretty sure it was because I would brush him and he is terrified of anything related to being groomed. I started him on the lowest dose of the pet CBD and within two days my Ollie was back to stretching out on my lap coming up and giving me love. He is no longer scared of getting up in my chair with me Thank you MedTerra

Did not work for us

Cat R. on 3/1/2019 11:00:59 AM

Ordered two bottles of the 1000 mg and paid extra for overnight shipping in hopes this would help my Dad with his pain. He has cancer that is causing pain in his back and pelvic area and is forced to take Oxycodone for pain relief but doesnt want todoes not like the side effects. After reading the reviews I was very excited to gives this a try. He did 1000 mg dosage on 4 different occasions holding under his tongue for 90 seconds and did not feel any change. It did not help him sleep either. I tried 1000 mg as well a few times to see if it helped with the stressanxiety of everything going on - perhaps even to just help me sleep and didnt feel any change either. Definitely very disappointed. Ill stick to edibles for myself and am trying another brand of CBD oil my Dads nutritionist recommended before throwing in the towel altogether on CBD as an alt therapy for pain.

Feeling so much better

Lisa West on 2/27/2019 6:11:52 PM

I have been on medication for depression for a few years after losing my father-in-law my mother and my grandmother in the span of 1 12 years. Two of them had terminal illnesses and I was a second line primary care giver to give my mother-in-law and father relief. About a month ago I decided to look into CBD oil for not only myself but for my father who suffers from chronic back pain due to a spinal fusion and broken back. I have now stopped taking my medication for depression and anxiety and I feel so much better. I do not have any side effects to worry about and this has also been helpful for my knee pain so that is a bonus. My father is using the 1000 ml and cream and while his chronic pain will never totally go away he is able to function at a level he has not in quite some time. He is much more mobile and is getting out of the house more. The staff at Medterra have been wonderful to deal with. Very supportive and helpful providing me with all the information I needed to make an educated decision regarding products to use. Also I am from Kentucky so I feel like I am supporting my own state since the hemp comes from farms in my state

Wish I found it sooner

Kara Sprigg on 2/26/2019 11:02:01 AM

I heard about cbd oil from my mother. She started taking it and told me about it. I get chronic migraines and cluster headaches. I was having the headaches about 24 days per month. My dr put me on 3 pills a day. If I ever skipped a pill the pain came right back. I was sun sensitive on the pills and got 2nd degree burns from the sun. So i found this website. I saw all the info they give you about their products and I decided to try it. I was NOT disappointed. I take the 1000mg oil twice a day. When I do get a headache I rub some of the oil on my temples forehead and neck. There is no smell. The taste is super super mild. I had my mom try it and she loves it more than her other brand due to the smell and taste alone So she switched also. You wont find a better product than this one.

wrong formulation...

Mark S on 2/25/2019 12:07:30 PM

After trying this for 2 nights I found the melatonin too high and the use of CBD isolate lacking. The use of a CBD isolate misses much of the benefit of the plant. Whole plant CBD contains additional CBD compounds and terpenes that create a very valuable entourage effect that CBD isolate does not. The high dose melatonin also left me feeling slightly hung over...

Two birds with one stone

Richy R on 2/24/2019 1:36:01 AM

Was in a car accident September of 2018 two herniated discs that caused almost unbearable pain down my leg. Expensive inflammation and pain killer pills never gave me as much relief from pain as the oil tinctures do. Pain had me depressed and willing to try anything Im so happy I decided to try this product. Also I forgot to mention it works perfectly for a neurological disorder that I have. No more pills for me that do more harm in the long run. Thank you.

Oh..my relief at last

Gina on 2/23/2019 10:35:11 PM

Sitting in the den after we had opened all our Christmas gifts so I thought..The youngest but oldest twin of 24yrs had a sheepish grin and the other siblings joined in on the We know something you dont know yet. Then Maddie pulled out an amber bottle of Medterra CBD oil 500mg. All four kids talking at the same time. Its safeit help you do it for us Lol. A little about me I have PTSD from the battlefield of LIFE. So anxiety and depression are my daily companions not meaning to sounding I dont care its just I have had their presence in most if not as long as I can remember. I trusted my adult Children in give their Mom ME good quality oil with no funny bussiness in it. As a Southern lady would put it. Maddie filled the dropper up told me Open up and let the oil sit under your tongue .I did as told. Less than 4 mins -my blood pressure had dropped I fight with high blood pressure15 mins later- I got up to start cleaning dishes when turning my head a POP echoed through the kitchen. Having had a headache for three months solid 3 head traumas which in the days nothing was done for but haunt me to this day with headaches I have given so many family and friend a sample of my CBD oil Im out Lol. I have many story to share about how this oil has helped people but maybe for another time. Im about to order more.... I will say please get this purple tab with the three line move it thank you


Nancy on 2/23/2019 10:38:29 AM

I love CBD products and I use for my arthritic dog but geez this stuff is expensive 69.75 a month And that is just one person Maybe if the FDA regulates it then the price will come down. A person at a local smoke shop says to expect 25 decrease in cost when they do..and it is coming..


Brad on 2/22/2019 11:30:51 PM

I Want To Get Medical The Oil My Mother Has A Rare Stain Of Breast Cancer She Has 6 To 12 Months To Live Im Live In Australia Can You Help Myself Out Please For My Beautiful Mother.Ile Buy In Bulk If Need B Or Do You Know Of Any1 That Lives In Australia That Could Help Would Be Fan Bloody Tastic Cheers To All Over There.


Cassidy Weber on 2/17/2019 9:12:10 PM

Ive had endometriosis since I was 14 and its only worsened in the last 20 years. The pain is so debilitating sometimes that Im home throwing up because of it. Not even Rx pain killers help. I also have severe depression anxiety panic disorder insomnia... All make eachother worse. CBD has changed my life My Endo symptoms are 90 gone in less than a day but came back within hours of not using cbd one morning never going without it again. Im sleeping fabulously and doing better with less medication. Just try it. Youll never look back.

Patricia Ayers on 2/17/2019 3:22:51 PM

At first I was skeptical but my sons friend and his boss both swear by this CBD tincture so I gave it a try... I AM AMAZED at how much this helps ... At first my muscles would be sore in the morning but then I realized I was using muscles I havent used in a while thanks to this oil ...just like working out again ...about to order another bottle.... Thank you medterra ...62 and feeling good again

Autistic sons anxiety

Laurel Clear on 2/17/2019 8:28:17 AM

I was told I should try this on my son who has major anxiety due to his autism. WOW He no longer has major anxiety No meds over the last 30 years have ever worked on his anxiety ever He has no side effects either He has suffered horribly for years and years with major major anxiety. This is unreal Pinch me please


Jane on 1/11/2019 7:29:23 PM

I have tried at least 3 other brands of CBD oil . Medterra has been the absolute best for me. It helps with my pain from arthritic joints spine issues and fibromyalgia. It laso helps with anxiety. I take the 500 CBD tincture twice a day. I use the Cooling cream 750 on my knees cervical and lumbar spines. I alsi use it on my hands and left hip. It is very good at pain relief . My experience with the customer service department has been superb. The service rep Heather has been very easy to work with respectful and very prompt. Medterra is a been and company I will gladly recommend to friends family and my doctors. Thank you Medterra for a great product and excellent service.

Real pain relief

Alicia Botyrius on 1/9/2019 11:59:07 AM

This product is a game changer. I deal with chronic IT band issues and nothing eased the pain until I tried this cream. It works really fast absorbs completely isnt greasy and has a very subtle scent. It is so nice to have something that works when you are dealing with pain. This product will always be present in my home.

Dose of Melatonin too high

L S on 1/6/2019 11:34:27 PM

I tried this product with little success. Ten mg. of Melatonin will give you a major headache and I found 25mg of CBD too low to induce sleep.Going to try the high dose CBD oil as so many people cannot be wrong about CBD and sleep. Good luck

New website layout

Mimi on 1/5/2019 9:12:18 AM

Love the new website. So much better. Its so nice and easier to use and catches the modern eye really well.

So Pleased

Debb on 1/4/2019 8:47:56 AM

Am so impressed with Medterra Their website their honesty and clarity of vision and the way they grow and harvest compared to other companies Ive researched. Their products are reasonable packaged perfectly and shipping is great. I use the oil for Hyperthyroid issues as it has been know to calm an over active thyroid so Im beyond pleased to have found MedterraCBD

I use this to replace prescription drugs for crohn

Stephen Dobyns on 1/3/2019 6:55:05 PM

New User

Sava Mathou on 12/28/2018 3:12:40 AM

My order has shipped and should be here on the 31st. I am so excited. I got an anoxic brain injury during an open heart surgery. Since then I have had an amazing amount of muscle and nerve pain. I ordered the 500mg bottle. I was told to start low and go higher if I need it. So excited to receive it. I am praying it works for my pain. I will let you know my progress. Thank You

Amazing stuff

Lisa on 12/27/2018 3:25:17 PM

I have been suffering with plantar facitis for 3 months. It is pain in the back of the heel that hurts every time you get up to walk and within 3 days of taking medterra cbd oil it is gone. I highly recommend this product

Proof pain can be overcome

Carie on 12/13/2018 9:39:13 PM

I have had chronic pain in my back neuroma in my foot my SI joint. I have had my share of medication. If youve ever had any pain relentless you know what a miserable existence it is. I was at the end of my rope seriously considering cutting off my toe having almost crippling pain from discs and muscles in my back. My husband thought CBD could be a good solution since Id previously had a CBD edible and it helped me through tattoo pain. He went hunting for CBD and just happened to find this lotion. Its been a game changer. I have been able to gain mobility all but erased the pain from my back and has helped me in conjunction with a nerve blocker for my foot. This lotion really does change my life. I call it magic. I am so happy with it.

Very timely

M. KNIGHT on 12/10/2018 3:39:22 PM


On side effects

Sandra Houtz on 12/5/2018 6:44:07 PM

I started out 5 drops twice a day of the 1000 mg tincture had 2 incidences of urinary incontinence at night...anyone ever have this problem or experience

Miracle product

Jayme Freeman on 12/4/2018 2:54:07 PM

Besides debilitating cramps I also have digestive issues and food intolerance which are linked to use of NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen which at 800mg was the only thing that worked for me. Since I stopped taking ibuprofen I have found nothing that helps. I just received my bottle of womens monthly wellness today. I took the day off work because of cramps. I had been debilitated on the couch but after 30 minutes of taking 2 capsules I started feeling relief and after 45-60 min I felt amazing. I have no cramps and even feel relief of some GI distress as well

Amazing products

Bailey S on 12/3/2018 10:47:49 AM

First I have to share how amazing shipping is I ordered my products on a Friday and received them on a Monday I have been using this oil for anxiety and absolutely love the results. I dont have the physical symptoms of anxiety anymore I regret not ordering SOONER

Blown away

Meredith on 12/2/2018 2:31:46 PM

Okay I never write reviews. But I HAVE to for these I have had debilitating cramps on the first few days of my period since having kids and two of these pills takes the pain completely away No more cramps or nausea...if I start to feel them coming on again I just pop a few more pills and theyre gone. I have only been needing 4-6 max pills when I get my period so these are going to last me a LONG time. So worth it

Helps with Arthritic Pain and General Aches and Pa

Philip on 12/1/2018 1:49:51 PM

I am 70 years old and have arthritic pain and stiffness in my hands. I work part-time for a delivery company and spend 4-5 hour shifts removing small and large packages from a belt think of Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory. I bought the 3000 MG tincture about two weeks. I started out with 6 drops @ 2X per day 30MG. It took the edge off of aches and pains from working and arthritic pain but increased the dose to 7 drops @ 3 times per day 52.5 MG. Although I still felt some aches and pains it decreased considerably. Today I have started 7 drops 4X per day 75 MG. I anticipate getting much better results. All-in-all I am quite pleased with the 3000 tincture oil. I feel that the oil has given me more energy to do things around the house probably because I am now experiencing much fewer aches and pains in my body and hands. By the way the reason I am taking the oil 4 times a day is because I read that the body will not absorb more than 15 MG at a time and discards any oil above that amount. It may not be true but thats my story and Im sticking to it.


Brian Fontenot on 12/1/2018 1:22:46 PM

I had the best sleep ever. The quality is great. I will recommend MedTerra to All my friends and Family. Also had a good experience with Customer Support. I will be a customer for life. AAAAA


M Fox on 11/29/2018 7:51:48 PM

got this to help sooth tendinitis in my elbow ... absolutely love the stuff. anytime the waves get good my elbow blows up this keeps me in the water

Great product

M Fox on 11/29/2018 7:50:12 PM

Feel more focused and energized with 2 of these in the morning ... gets you through the day feeling confident and fresh. Travel a lot with work and these help me through layover days like nothing else can


Kay on 11/28/2018 9:13:00 PM

I suffer from debilitating chronic back pain and Ive tried pretty much everything for it. This cream is pretty much a miracle drug. It works really well to numb the pain. I also put this cream on my feet if my legs are tired after a long day and it feels like heaven.

The only thing that works for my chronic pain

Kay on 11/28/2018 9:05:08 PM

Medterra is the only CBD brand I order from. I was a little skeptical about CBD at first but tried it on the advice of my doctor. I suffer from chronic pain and the only thing that helps the pain is this oil. It really helps with my back pain and I use the tincture and the new Cooling Cream. And the best part is that there are no side effects I dont feel drowsy or unfocused and it doesnt interact with other medications. And Medterra is a fantastic company. One time the shipping of my oil was delayed for some reason and they sent it using express shipping without an added cost Their service is great.


Rob on 11/27/2018 12:36:38 PM

Excellent product and company was very helpful and professional. Oil doesnt leave gross taste like others ive used

So. Much. Relief

Mallory on 11/26/2018 4:59:57 PM

Im 34 years old and have ALWAYS had terrible cramps on day 1 of my cycle. The first time I used these I took two of pills as soon as I got my period and FORGOT I was on my period. No cramps no lower back ache no bloating...WOW Will always have these on hand

Just what my dogs needed

Sarah on 11/24/2018 11:51:35 AM

My vet recommended CBD for my epileptic pup. The brand we were using is a pre-mixed oil and quite pricey and smells very stong. While my epi-pup took it OK my other anxious pup refuses to the oils due to the smell - but CBD is great for him as well and instead of taking a bunch of combined meds for his separation anxiety just a tiny bit of CBD does the trick. With this isolate I can make my own oil for them easily adjust dosing if needed and they both take it mixed in coconut oil without any hesitation. This is exactly what Ive been hoping for.


Diego M on 11/22/2018 9:37:24 PM

Ive had prescribed anxiety medications that were sedating me and having me wake up feeling tired. Ive been suffering from sleeping problem for years and I came across this product from a friend . I am very happy with the effects of this pill Im sleeping better than ever and waking up feeling energized.

Outstanding product

Sarah Greaves on 11/21/2018 9:08:42 AM

Thankfull this amazing product plus dispenser has been desighed with the utmost attention to detail simplicity the most effective pain management I have encountered.

Turned my life upside down

Alex Siegel on 11/20/2018 7:35:28 PM

This isolate spectrum CBD has helped turn my life upside down I have been dealing with negativity and social anxiety since I was 13. Now that Ive used this product along with daily meditation my life has been positive and the anxiety is no longer there I would never have motivation to leave the house to get things done before. Now I always feel the need to get up and get what I need done I never take the time to review any products. I love this product Give it a shot. I recommend 1000mg for your first time. Its perfect


Bj on 11/19/2018 6:38:30 AM

My husband has severe tinnitus after complete hearing loss in one ear. Was suicidal and couldnt live with the noise in his head. I ordered CBD oil and he started using it. He is as different as night and day. He is happy singing and back to a social life. It has been a life changer for him.


Dave on 11/17/2018 6:43:03 PM

These are amazing never felt more focused without being jittery from caffeine. I bet these will be popping up everywhere now I love medterra

1st time customer

Jason Pinola on 11/17/2018 4:21:11 PM

Very pleased with the cbd isolate product. By far the best Ive used. Will certainly be a returning customer.