How Liposomal Delivers CBD In A More Effective Manner

How Liposomal Delivers CBD In A More Effective Manner
With all of CBD’s incredible benefits, there is only one drawback to this unique cannabinoid. CBD’s strong hydrophobic nature limits its bioavailability and can make it tough for our bodies to process. This results in less than 10% of the CBD ingested actually making into our blood streams.  To compensate, many companies have simply increased the amount of CBD in their products. At Medterra, we are looking at this problem differently. Instead of simply increasing the amount of CBD, we have worked with our Medical Advisors to fix the inherent problem of CBD’s low bioavailability using a delivery capsule known as Liposomes.  Liposomes work by encapsulating the CBD in a structure that mimics our own cellular membrane. The Liposomal membrane protects CBD from the digestive system, makes it hydrophilic, and ultimately delivers the CBD straight into your cells. This results in CBD being up to 17x more bioavailable (the same as taking 17x the amount of CBD) and also significantly faster effects. Like many of our customers, you are probably wondering why this isn’t already widespread. Unfortunately, Liposomal technology is incredibly difficult to work with especially with a compound as hydrophobic as CBD, which does not like being contained! We have been working on these formulations for over a year and they are now ready to be tried by our consumers. Keep reading to see why liposomes are so special and the future of CBD.  

What Is Liposomal Delivery System?

Our body is compromised of trillions of cells that all act in unison to perform everything we do as humans. While each of these cells are unique, they all share similar cellular parts including a cellular membrane, which behaves like the cell’s “container”. This cellular membrane is also responsible for moving compounds in and out of the cell as well as reacting with compounds floating by. This can be incredibly efficient for compounds like electrolytes, but can also be incredibly inefficient for things like CBD and other compounds. First discovered in 1964 by British hematologist Dr. Alec Bangham, liposomes were quickly realized to have potential as a drug delivery system due to their ability to increase bioavailabilty and also alter the absorption rate of pharmaceutical drugs. Researcher Ranu Kumari Dutta,, describes liposomes as, “Liposomes are a novel drug delivery system (NDDS), they are vesicular structures consisting of bilayers which form spontaneously when phospholipids are dispersed in water. They are microscopic vesicles in which an aqueous volume is entirely enclosed by a membrane composed of lipid bilayers.” As technology has advanced, it is now economically feasible for liposomes to be used outside of expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Over the last five years, research teams, including Medterra’s team, have studied liposomes for the use in dietary supplements.   Liposomes are made out of the same material as cell membranes making them biodegradable and bioavailable. This means that they enhance the absorption of vitamins, substances, and even CBD oil. 

What Is Liposomal CBD?

Liposomal CBD is CBD that has been encapsulated in liposome specifically designed to hold CBD. Unlike traditional CBD, the outside of a liposome is in fact hydrophilic (loves to be in water). Given that humans are comprised of 60% water, liposomal CBD is very easily processed by the body and does not need to be processed by the liver.  At Medterra, our liposomes provide up to 17x bioavailability, when compared to ingested CBD oil. As a product, lipsomal CBD can be consumed through both oral and topical formulations. When used orally in an oil or capsule, liposomal CBD has the potential for a more accurate dose. However, with topicals, CBD can penetrate the skin deeper with a more pronounced effect.  In 2003, researchers administered transdermal CBD using ethosomes, another carrier comparable to liposomes that enter the skin’s layers.  The study determined that when CBD is delivered through small protective capsules like ethosomes or liposomes, there is significant CBD in the skin and muscle, and a considerable reduction in inflammation. To start benefiting from liposomes CBD oil, try Medterra’s new Good Morning and Good Night Liposmal Capsules.

Is Liposomal CBD Better?

Absolutely. Not only does it work faster, but its effects can also last longer. While everyone has a different chemical makeup and may absorb CBD better than others, our own research and peer reviewed journals have consistently demonstrated liposome different in how well (or how poorly) their body processes or metabolizes CBD.  With that being said, there is one caveat. Not all liposomes are created equally. When Medterra started researching liposomal CBD, we purchased five “liposomal CBD” products to understand what was already available. After analyzing them under a Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), which has the ability to magnify objects up to 30,000x, we found only one company was actually using liposomes. The remaining four simply suspended their CBD in oil micronized oil droplets.  So if you are interested in trying liposomal CBD, make sure to actually buy from a company with real liposomes if you want to compare against regular CBD oil! 

Here Are 6 Benefits to Using Liposomal CBD Oil 

Liposomal delivery has been changing the way we consume more than just CBD. It has paved the way for vitamins and other supplements, including vitamin A, vitamin D3, and vitamin K Let’s take a look at the six benefits of liposomal CBD oil - Improved absorption because of its higher bioavailability traits. - It preserves nutrients as it passes the intestinal tract. - It possesses both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds. - Non-toxic and non-immunogenic - Biodegradable - No side effects

Liposomal CBD Oil Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

If you feel like you’re not getting enough from your current CBD oil, liposomal CBD could make a great addition to your daily routine. If you’ve tried CBD oil without much success, whether from low-quality products or incorrect doses, you’ll probably want to make the switch to reap the full benefits of CBD.
How Liposomal Delivers CBD In A More Effective Manner

How Liposomal Delivers CBD In A More Effective Manner/>
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