Medterra Launches Our True Full Spectrum CBD Line

Medterra Launches Our True Full Spectrum CBD Line

Today is an incredible moment for Medterra.  We ripped up our old rulebook to meet the growing needs of our customers and stay in line with legislation with our new product line, True Full Spectrum. With guidance from our Medical Advisory Board and with respect to our brand quality and purity standards, we are launching the True Full Spectrum line — our first CBD line with THC. 

Our True Full Spectrum contains a 5:1 ratio of CBD to other hemp compounds while staying within the legal requirements of less than 0.3% THC by weight with a standardized 2mg THC per serving in each product. With the 5:1 ratio, we are able to activate the ECS receptors and achieve an enhanced entourage effect designed to maintain balance, enrich sleep, and promote deep relaxation.

With so many CBD products on the market, we’re launching True Full Spectrum with the same transparency we’ve always believed is so important to our customers. Our research revealed to us that consumers often have no idea how much THC is present in the full spectrum products they’re purchasing from brands. Because of that, Medterra’s True Full Spectrum products clearly display the letters “THC” and the amount of THC on every label.

As a company, we felt a responsibility to correct for this lack of transparency so that current CBD customers and new customers alike have the best possible shopping experience.  In addition, each product is made from 100% organically grown hemp from the United States (also U.S. Hemp Authority certified) and includes a Certificate of Analysis detailing the ingredients and product safety. Our True Full Spectrum products are also vegan and non-genetically modified. 

 True Full Spectrum is available in gummies, capsules, and drops: 

  • Gummies – Vegan and all-natural flavors with two options: Original formula in citrus flavor and Deep Sleep formula with 3mg melatonin in mixed berry:
    • 30ct jar: 25mg CBD, 2mg THC per serving - $59.99
  • Capsules – Vegan and unflavored liquid capsules contain:
    • 60ct bottle: 50mg CBD, 2mg THC per serving - $109.99
  • Drops – Available in citrus and chocolate mint flavors in three strengths:
    • 15ml bottle: 50mg CBD, 2mg THC per serving- $49.99
    • 30ml bottle: 50mg CBD, 2mg THC per serving - $99.99
    • 30 ml bottle: 100mg, 2mg THC per serving - $169.99

When I started Medterra in 2017, the goal was to help change people’s lives. But as we have continued to grow, it has become increasingly clear that CBD is a deeply personal experience. No one product will be right for everyone, and no two people will feel the same benefits from the same product.

With our Full Spectrum line, our goal is to cater to our dedicated customers who have been asking us for more – for a deeper CBD experience, and a more complete set of benefits.  The team at Medterra has researched heavily into the needs of our customers.

We have read their reviews, listened to their stories, and shared in their victories. And we have combined their invaluable insights with the results of the 2020 Brightfield CBD Consumer Report to ensure that creating a Full Spectrum CBD line is the correct choice, with regards to both our customers and CBD consumers as a whole. 

Medterra has gone from a wild idea between two friends to the first brand to produce isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum CBD. Since the beginning, our goal has always been to do things differently – to disrupt the CBD industry and to make CBD products for everyone. Our True Full Spectrum line is the culmination of this goal, and I could not be more proud of it and the amazing team that has worked tirelessly to develop it. 

We now have a CBD product line available for our customers that are looking for a deeper CBD experience, and who want the benefits of THC without the worry of psychoactive effects when taking the recommended serving size. With this, Medterra is reshaping the CBD industry. 

Billy Kemper, Big Wave World Tour Champion and 4-time winner of Peahi Challenge, is an early user of the line. Our new True Full Spectrum line played a crucial role in his recovery from life-altering injuries in February 2020.  I was fortunate enough to sit down with Billy to learn how True Full Spectrum helped in his recovery. Billy shared with me, “The new True Full Spectrum line plays a vital role in my day-to-day routine in keeping me rested and calm, and my body moving while easing any discomfort. It’s the best on the market – get the full benefits of the hemp plant from one the most trusted brands in the industry.” Learning about Billy’s story showed us there was a more meaningful role with this new, beneficial product in helping people with their recovery journey with ease and less stress on the body. 

Our True Full Spectrum line is the culmination of years of thought and hard work, hard-fought shifts in legislation, and evolving consumer interest. But more than that, it is a testament to the diligence of the Medterra team, to the early mornings and long nights, and to the challenges we have overcome together to make this moment a reality. 

Our goal is to educate and provide our customers with the best and most powerful CBD options in a broad type of formats and formulas. As the CBD industry continues to evolve, Medterra will too. Our team of Medical Advisors and staff is staying at the forefront of innovation and research. As new behaviors change and legislation begins to adapt, we will keep moving forward to give our consumers the best possible CBD experience we can.  It’s been so exciting to see our vision come to life. These new products unleash a whole new generation of CBD to everyone.

True Full Spectrum CBD is a whole-body recovery tool (both mentally and physically) – for those needing additional support in their everyday life. I believe that we have created something amazing, a life-changing tool with the ability to empower people to live better. But we do not plan on stopping here. We will continue to grow and evolve, advocate for CBD, and revolutionize this amazing industry.

Medterra Launches Our True Full Spectrum CBD Line

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Written by:

Jay Hartenbach
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