How Medterra's Natural Pain Relief Gave 106 Year Old Lily New Hope

How Medterra's Natural Pain Relief Gave 106 Year Old Lily New Hope

Lilly had been dealing with pain, from day to day activities, for some time. As a 106-year-old, she was trying to complete her daily tasks while managing joint and other forms of pain.She’d done everything to live a long, healthy life but couldn’t master her pain. She was struggling to get enjoyment out of things she loved things that had helped her live this long in the first place. 

How Our Pain Relief Capsules Turned Lily's Pain Around

Her life turned around when her granddaughter recommended Medterra’s Natural Pain Relief Capsules, packed with Levagen®+ PEA. PEA is a fatty acid naturally made by the body to help reduce pain, so supplementing from natural sources helps bring the body back into balance. The PEA in Natural Pain Relief capsules comes from plants.

Although she wasn’t sure about adding another pill to her regimen, she decided to give it a shot for her body. She was running out of options to help relieve her pain. 

All it took was three single-dose days of the Natural Pain Relief Capsules, and Lilly felt like a new person! For the first time in a long time, she woke up without the severe aches of joint pain coursing through her body.  

What Powers Medterra's Natural Pain Relief Capsules?

Medterra’s Natural Pain Relief Capsules are made from Levagen®+ PEA, a cutting edge all natural supplement which reduces inflammation, pain and joint stiffness 

The longer Lilly took her Natural Pain Relief Capsules, the better she felt. There were no side effects in this like in other pain relief products, and she could tell they were made with all-natural ingredients to help her feel better.  

Levagen®+ PEA is shown to have immediate benefits, but also long lasting ones after only 3 days of use - bringing long term support. She loved this new addition to her regiment. It was easy and only made her body better! 

At 106, the Natural Pain Relief Capsules gave Lilly new life. She could do what she enjoyed - hanging out with her grandchildren, reading books, and even hitting happy hour at the bar when someone wanted to take her out for a treat. 

Lilly told her granddaughter about the product, talking about how much it changed her life. She boasted about the quality effects of the Natural Pain Relief Capsules and how easy they were to use. She knew there would still be struggles with some of her pain, but these capsules changed her life for the better and allowed her to experience the world at her incredible age. 

Now, it’s your turn to treat your pain and live a new life!

If you or a loved one experiences pain from joint stiffness, muscle issues, inflammation, and more, don’t wait any longer to experience the relief that Levagen®+ PEA & turmeric based Natural Pain Relief Capsules provide. Lilly’s tale proves anyone of any age can feel the release of a pain-free life. We want you to experience the best. 

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How Medterra's Natural Pain Relief Gave 106 Year Old Lily New Hope
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