Post Workout Recovery & CBD

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Post Workout Recovery & CBD

Practically everyone knows that working out is tied to all sorts of mental and physical benefits. [1][2]

What’s much less well-known is that working out too much is tied to all sorts of downsides. People who overdo it on the slopes or in the gym are more likely to experience something called overtraining syndrome, which involves poor sleep, unpredictable mood, and increased risk of injury. 

What constitutes ‘too much’ working out? That depends on how well you’re recovering from workouts — and that depends on what you do in the post workout period. [3]

 Optimizing your post workout routine can help you recover faster and come back fitter for your next workout. Keep reading to learn how CBD could help.  

  • CBD and calmness
  • CBD: pre workout or post workout?
  • The top post-workout CBD products


Many — if not most — people who take CBD for the first time report how tangibly calm it makes them.   

Why does this happen? Because CBD impacts the production of several different classes of hormones. In the case of calmness, what CBD is doing is reducing your body’s production of cortisol

Cortisol is a glucocorticoid that’s involved in the infamous fight-or-flight response. If you think back to the last time you were so stressed out that your heart began racing and your palms got sweaty…yep, that was probably cortisol. 

While cortisol and related stress hormones do have some important functions, chronically high cortisol levels are virtually the antithesis of calmness. (Chronically high cortisol is also terrible for sleep patterns and healthy aging.)

The good news about all this is that CBD could help. Studies dating back to the 90s show that it may reduce cortisol production. [4] Since cortisol is also responsible for the formation of fear-based memories, CBD may also help you forget about less-than-calming past events. [5

Going back to practical topics, CBD’s calming qualities also make a perfect complement to yoga, meditation, or other chill times. Now you can keep calm…and press on! 


If we had to pick either/or, we’d probably go with post workout CBD use. 

Why? Because CBD may help get your body back into balance after a hard workout. “Taking in cannabinoids could be thought of as supplementing or increasing the activity of your body’s existing system,” renowned cycling coach Chris Carmichael tells NatuRx. “Athletes apply greater stress to their bodies than the [endocannabinoid system] can handle.”

Getting this system back into balance is delightfully simple. “Adding in [CBD] may help this overloaded system get neurotransmitters back under control.” [6] CBD both sensitizes endocannabinoid receptors and helps your body produce more of its own endocannabinoids. 


The most important thing to do in the post-workout period is improve recovery time. Some CBD products — like the ones listed below — may be better at that than others. 

  • Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Relief and Recovery Cream
  • Relief and Recovery Roll-On
  • Good Night Liposomal CBD+

Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD

If you thought broad spectrum CBD was great, wait til you try Ultra Broad Spectrum. This new type of CBD features everything regular CBD offers and then some. It’s CBD…evolved. 

How so? It’s got an industry-first 10:1 ratio of CBD to additional active cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, plus terpenes and flavonoids). Considering that terpenes and flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties, these additions boost recovery further.

Relief and Recovery Cream 

As its name implies, our Relief and Recovery Cream is designed to speed recovery from discomfort. It features CBD alongside menthol, arnica, and more. The menthol and arnica combined helps to provide a powerful effect. 

Relief and Recovery Roll On

Our Relief and Recovery Rollon-On provides a combination of premium CBD and other inflammation-fighting organic ingredients. Its rapid cooling effect might make it your new favorite postworkout tool!  It comes in a mess-free, roll-on applicator that makes use ultra-easy. 

Good Night Liposomal CBD+

Good Night Liposomal CBD+ Capsules provide a fast, efficient way to tap into CBD’s sleep-specific effects. It also contains plenty of other natural sleep enhancers! All these compounds are placed in a liposomal format that results in 10x faster absorption. If you need to get to sleep fast after a tough training session, this is the product for you.

Post Workout Recovery & CBD


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