Meet Joe, Our Operations and Supply Chain Specialist

by Jay Hartenbach

March 31, 2020

You Think Your Standards Are High?
You Should Meet Joe.

No matter what is going on in the world – Joe makes sure you get the highest quality products on time, every time.

When we started Medterra, we had one priority: to create the highest quality CBD products for our customers. If we were successful in that, we knew the rest would take care of itself.
Three years and 1,200,000 products later, the Medterra team thought we had this perfected. Turns out, you can always do better.

As Medterra expanded, we knew our supply chain and operations needed an expert. Actually, more than an expert – someone that had the right skills, and also had a personal connection to CBD.

Joe’s that guy and he’s working around the clock with his team. GMP, US Hemp Authority Certified, 3rd Party Lab Tested – what the CBD industry regards as high quality are now the basics for us.

Here’s are some of the steps Joe is taking to ensure Medterra products get to their destination:

1. Fulfillment partners in place to serve online, retail, and wholesale channels with geographic distribution of fulfillment warehouses across the country.

2. Agreements in place with several shipping partners for full supply chain redundancy.

3. Supply agreements with critical vendors to ensure supply of critical raw materials.

4. On site audit of all suppliers to ensure CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) is being adhered to.

5. Rigorous raw materials and finished goods testing with 3rd party laboratories in California and Florida.

6. Formal process to track quality performance throughout the supply chain and respond quickly with corrective actions and countermeasures.

That means no matter what is going on in the world – Joe and Medterra are here for you. Your health and wellbeing are our priority. The principles of quality, adaptability, and resilience are driving Medterra to keep delivering high-quality products to you, our valued customers.

Medterra is here for you and so is Joe.

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